The Cost Widget

The Cost Widget

Confused about the cost of child care? Join the club, it's very difficult to get a clear idea about the real costs of care and with the media telling us everyday that prices are going up, up, up it can be a significant cause of stress for working families.

To help parents gain a better idea about the cost of care in their area we have developed and launched the cost widget a unique tool, which enables families to check the price of child care centres by postcode.

The results are displayed instantly and offer an accurate representation of the average cost of centre based care in that area.

This highly dynamic and innovative tool is powered by the huge database of child care providers listed with

Our system requires early childhood education and care providers to regularly update their fee information, which means that the data supplied by the widget is the best possible representation of current fees in that geographical area.

Our enormous database means that even if some providers don't supply us with their fee information, we are still able to generate an accurate cost estimation based on the information supplied by other providers in the area.

It's important to note that the figures generated are averages, enabling you to gain an indication and compare prices from postcode to postcode. You will need to drill down to individual provider level to learn exactly what providers charge, but much of this information is available on the provider profiles.

The Cost Widget works by checking and averaging fees for centre based care in a nominated postcode. If there is no fee information available in that postcode the Widget widens out the search to include regional data.

The Cost Widget's national average is the average price for all child care centres that have fee information published on

Please note, at this stage we have we focused on child care centres as this is by far the most sought after type of care in Australia.

This child care article was last updated on Friday, 8 September 2017

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