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    Finding the right child care service is a big decision. Let us help you narrow it down to the best available in your neighbourhood. With 23,000+ services to compare you'll be spoilt for choice.
    Finding the right child care service is a big decision. With 23,000 services to compare you'll be spoilt for choice.
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    With the CareforKids.com.au Child Care Subsidy Calculator
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    Let CareforKids.com.au help… we will let you know as soon as a place comes up in your preferred locations - no hassle, no fuss
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    The CareforKids.com.au Child Care Guide...
    Informed decision-making made easy

Let us help you find the child care you need. Sign up for Child Care Vacancy Alert. It's quick, easy and free.

Child Care Search Made Easy

Three simple steps


Search the full range of child care options in your area.


Use reviews, ratings, vacancy and fee info plus service profiles to create your shortlist


Call or email your favourites to book a tour and finalise enrolment

Let us help you find the child care you need

There are thousands of amazing child care services on CareforKids.com.au. With Child Care Vacancy Alert we'll tell you as soon as a space comes up near you. Learn more >>

  Tools for Parents

Use our comprehensive range of tools to help you with all your child care needs.

Child Care Subsidy Calculator

Child Care Subsidy Calculator

Want to know how much your subsidy entitlement could be? Use our Child Care Subsidy Calculator to learn how much your family could receive.

Cost of Care

Cost of Care

Need to know how much your child care could cost? Use our child care cost widget to find out.

Child Care Compass

Child Care Compass

Unsure about your child care options? Use our Child Care Compass to find the best child care for your family.

Child Care Guide

Child Care Guide

Stressing about child care? Don't! The Careforkids.com.au Child Care Guide is the result of our 15 years' experience.

  Child Care Articles & Tips

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Which child care is best?

Once you understand the different types of child care available, you need to decide which option is best for you and your family.

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Helping your child adjust to child care

Many children experience anxiety when starting in care and there is plenty you can do to make the new arrangements less stressful.

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Managing feelings of mother guilt

Feeling guilty when you put your child into care is normal and signals the emotional attachment and responsibility you feel for your child.

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Returning to Work - Things to Consider

Returning to work after a baby is a big step. To make the transition successful you'll need to take some time to ease everyone into the new arrangement.

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Research into child care use during COVID-19

New research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) has found that COVID-19 ‘had minimal impact’ on the way mums and dads shared child care responsibilities during the May/June lockdown.

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Mental health support for educators and children

COVID-19 has put early childhood educators under a lot of emotional and financial strain this year. There has been uncertainty around attendance, intense responsibilities around health and hygiene, and a rise in the level of support that many families need in these worrisome times.

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How do educators teach under-fives to be kind?

Kindness makes people feel good and do good, and in the early learning environment, kindness is something that’s practised by children and actively promoted by educators.

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What is the preschool exemption to the Child Care Subsidy activity test?

Some families receive up to 100 hours of subsidised care each fortnight, based on their activity level, but if your family is eligible for zero or 24 hours, then the ‘preschool exemption’ may be music to your ears.

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Key ways to support your child’s mental health

Good mental health is a powerful force in our children’s lives. It enables youngsters to think, feel, act and interact in positive ways, and this kind of upbeat, resilient headspace has benefits both in the moment, and over the long-term.

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Interesting research around school readiness

A child's thinking and language skills, emotional maturity and physical health are all used to determine their preparedness for big school, but new research suggests that these individual capacities shouldn’t be the only focus.

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What’s in your bin? Download our waste audit packs for child care centres here

These helpful packs can help you identify potential gaps in your centre's sustainability plans.

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Go green at home with these 6 fun printable activities for children

Our Little Monsters share 6 ways for children to support a greener future.

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Brain Teasers for Kids

Your child needs to exercise their mind, as well as their body, and brain-teasers are a great way to get those little grey cells moving.

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8 Perfect Card Games for Preschoolers

Once your preschooler gets the hang of a card game, they might not want to stop!

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8 Awesome Educational Apps for Kids

There are squillions of educational apps to choose from, and to help you find quality amidst the quantity, we’ve done some research.

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