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    • Anahita Family Day Care posted on 23-Oct-19, by Tegan Napoli

      I cannot praise Mandana enough! Thankyou for making the journey of placing my child in care effortless and stress-free. From first enquiring with Mandana she has been so informative, honest and organised. Mandana allowed my daughter and I to spend a few mornings, to help to transition into care. It was so valuable as I got to experience first hand the beautiful and nurturing care that Mandana was providing and it put me more at ease. The space that Mandana has created is perfect, situated separate from the main house it is truly unique, warm and and might I say exceptionally clean! Mandana is highly competent and confident, even taking the kids on outings and excursions. When people ask about my daughter’s family care, I explain how Mandana treats the kids as if they are her own grandchildren. She is so proud of them and talks of their individual achievements. Anahita Family Day Care is an intimate learning journey in a nurturing environment and I HIGHLY highly recommend it to EVERY family! I can go to work knowing my child is safe, happy and loved. I am so thankful to have found her, Mandana you are one of a kind!!

    • Anahita Family Day Care posted on 23-Oct-19, by Hailey Cordina

      Mandana offers a truly unique service. Her family care is just that. She cares, and loves the children as if they are her own. Being a first time mum especially I found the idea of daycare a bit daunting, but after meeting Mandana, and visiting her beautiful daycare I felt very reassured and confident that our daughter would be in great hands. Mandana is extremely communicative. We are always updated with how things are going, and we honestly always have peace of mind that our daughter is safe, happy, and well cared for. Mandana’s facility is by far the cleanest! I have seen. She takes great pride in the children’s surroundings and their personal hygiene at all times. Mandana has the ability to offer excursions to Paint & Play & Mini Q, which our daughter absolutely loves. Mandana’s daycare is very inclusive of all families, and she makes a great effort at getting all the families together. We have met some lovely people, and our daughter has made some really great friends. We would highly recommend Anahita Family Daycare. Mandana is one of a kind, and if you can secure her services you will be one very lucky family.

    • Gurdip Family Day Care posted on 22-Oct-19, by Deepak Poudel

      Gurdip is very friendly, loving and caring carer. Our daughter learnt a lot from her. She is very good on making kids to eat food and fruits. Very clean and good early childhood teacher I should say. My daughter learnt all the letters and numbers before she started her school in 2018. I highly recommend her for day care service. Thank you Gurdip. My daughter never stops talking about you.


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