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    • Bright Stars Family Daycare posted on 1-Dec-23, by Priyanka Vyas

      Jayshree is an amazing carer and teacher for my daughter. She is very affectionate and kind. My daughter learns so much and bloomes everyday in her care. Jayshree has always considered kid's well being and their interest as priority than anything else.

    • Windermere Family Day with Janelle Paulette posted on 1-Dec-23, by Brittney Jones

      So welcoming and understanding and patient. You know it’s the right choice when your little one is excited to see her! So glad I found Janelle!

    • Little Explorers Learning Centre Ermington posted on 29-Nov-23, by Zilin Guan

      The staff and management team at Little Explorers are responsible, warm, caring and supportive. The learning environment is safe and engaging for the little ones to explore and learn. I can tell the educators and children have great relationships during drop off times, I see most of the children walk in the classroom confidently without tears. So I would highly recommend my friends enrolling their children at little explorers.

    • Little Dreamers Family Day Care Goldcoast posted on 29-Nov-23, by Loren Brown

      I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible care and support that Liz, has provided our daughter. Liz has been an absolute blessing for our family, and her dedication and kindness have made a significant impact on both our daughter and us. From the very beginning, Liz demonstrated exceptional patience and understanding in helping our daughter navigate the challenges of transitioning to day care. Our little one really struggles with separation from her parents, and dealing with separation anxiety is no easy feat, but Liz's unwavering support and nurturing demeanour made the process remarkably smoother. Her ability to connect with our daughter on a personal level and provide the comfort she needed during this time is truly commendable. During what has been a difficult period for our family, Liz has been a source of solace and support. Her genuine concern for our daughter's well-being has alleviated some of the stress we were facing. Liz goes above and beyond, not only as an educator but as a caring individual who understands the needs of both the children and their families. One of the most remarkable aspects of Liz's care is the continuous learning and growth that our daughter experiences under her guidance. Liz's commitment to providing a stimulating and educational environment is evident, and it warms our hearts to see our child thriving under her care. Liz has created multiple enriching environments, including outdoor spaces, rest areas, and play zones, ensuring a well-rounded experience for the kids. This thoughtful approach speaks volumes about Liz's dedication to the holistic development of each child in her care. Communication is a cornerstone of Liz's approach, and her exemplary updates keep us informed and reassured. The regular updates, combined with her approachability and willingness to address any concerns, have fostered a strong sense of trust between us and Liz. This transparent and open communication has been instrumental in creating a positive and collaborative relationship. We couldn't be more grateful for Liz's presence in our daughter's life. Her warmth, dedication, and genuine care have not only made day care a positive experience for our child but have also provided invaluable support for our family during a challenging time. Liz is not just an educator; she is a true gem who has touched our hearts with her kindness and commitment to the well-being of every child under her care. We feel incredibly fortunate to have Liz as our daughter's day care educator.

    • Amna's Day Care posted on 29-Nov-23, by Moyassar Jaradat

      So good care for kids and she has good experience

    • Amna's Day Care posted on 29-Nov-23, by Iram Afzal

      Very caring and friendly, has great facility and provides great learning environment.


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