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    • Orla's Family Daycare posted on 19-Aug-17, by Nicole Chapman

      Orlas Family Day Care is the best decision I made when choosing a day care for my little one when I returned to work. Returning to work after maternity leave is difficult enough as it is but knowing that you are leaving your child with Orla makes you feel so much better. She has everything and more that you could ever ask for from a day care provider. I would highly recommend this day care to any family or friends.

    • Nar Family Day Care posted on 18-Aug-17, by Ryan Wood

      Sulekha takes our son 2 or more times a week, he is alway happy when we drop him off and pick him up, It must be 2 years or more now he has been attending Sulekha's care and we will continue for a long time to come. Thanks Sulekha 👍

    • Orla's Family Daycare posted on 18-Aug-17, by Shayne Blakemore

      My boy has been with Orla for about 8 months now and he is very happy there. Orla is great and cares for the kids like they are family, she delights in milestones and growth and is very understanding and patient. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for daycare.

    • Headstart Early Learning Centre Berwick posted on 17-Aug-17, by Polly Penn

      I can work full time knowing my daughter is safe, happy and loved by the women at HeadStart. I wanted a centre that I believed would love my daughter like I do and give her all the attention, care and stimulation she needs during the day; that place is Headstart. She has made so many little friends and she loves her 'teachers - Miss Bec and Miss Taylah' so much. She talks about them all the time and runs to them in the mornings to see what they have planned for the day.

    • Orla's Family Daycare posted on 17-Aug-17, by Kylie Gibson

      We started our little boy with Orla about 2 months ago. Since starting, Orla has been fantastic. She is loving, patient and nurturing to each of the kiddies and provides a safe and stimulating environment. The food she cooks sounds amazing and makes my life easier. I would not hesitate in sending my kids to Orla as she truly is amazing!!

    • Granville World of Learning posted on 17-Aug-17, by Nahleh Najjarine

      Changing from a long day-care centre which was like family and with them for several years with two of my older boys was a scary thought! But needed to be done given life and works changes. After lots of research and several interviews found that the best fit for my youngest child and I was Granville World of Learning for kids. From the first conversation over the phone with Fadia to the informal meeting and tour of the centre, I felt like I had known her for years and fitted in like family so easily. This wasn’t as easy of course for my son Ibrahim who is very attached to me and feels likes his my third arm at times. The Granville World of Learning family and I mean ‘Family’ in every sense of the meaning and more, helped, supported and continue to make things as easy and comfortable as they can at every opportunity. They are even there for support even when they don’t need to be and go above and beyond at times to help with kids and keep them safe and happy. I have been with Granville World of Learning since March 2017 and would recommend them to anyone I know who has young child and are looking for a long day care. A special thanks to Fadia and the Granville World of Learning Family for making this transition a smooth one and making us feel like family from day one.


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