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    • Lauren's Family Day Care posted on 27-Mar-17, by Taylor O'Neill

      There are not enough words to say how glad and appreciative we are that we found Lauren. She is so nurturing to all the children & my kids absolutely love spending the day with her. She always has so many educational yet FUN activities for the kids and goes above and beyond for us and the children in care. I am so happy we found Lauren and cannot recommend her highly enough.

    • Sparrow Early Learning Tarneit posted on 27-Mar-17, by Jamie Tate

      My daughter has been going to this service since it opened and loves it. The educators are lovely and have helped Harper to settle in to care, when I pick Harper up they tell us about her day. The service is beautiful, natural and clean all the time.

    • Lauren's Family Day Care posted on 27-Mar-17, by Nancy Eade-Eykenboom

      Lauren is amazing. My daughter has never been in any care before and straight away she was happy and comfortable. She loves playing and doing lots of activities. Lauren has gone over and above to make the experience for our whole family much more enjoyable.

    • Tani's Tiny Treasures posted on 27-Mar-17, by Catriona Craggs

      I have used Geethani and her service for the past 5 years, she has been the most treasured part to our family working life. I can not recommend this woman enough!! Geethani and her family are amazing with the children and always makes you feel at ease leaving your most precious little person with her. The children have plenty to do and play with and always happy upon collection... A1 for love and care in care for your child / children..

    • Polly's Family Day Care posted on 26-Mar-17, by Balázs Boros

      Polly places kids at first place. She was extraordinary patient during first few months to let Kázmér get used to the new environment despite not speaking the language. Today Kázmér already going confidently and happily to Polly, where he can find personal attention and many plays, games and fun, also helping him to learn English :-)

    • Granville World of Learning posted on 24-Mar-17, by Carlie Neilson

      The staff at Granville World of Learning are amazing they are caring and attentive. My daughter has been there since she was 1 and has learnt a lot from this daycare more than she would if she was at home only. I can't thank them enough for what they do for not only my child but all children


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