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    • Tinkerbell Family Day Care posted on 28-Feb-20, by Indee Rathnayaka

      Kalika is a kind, caring and affectionate educator who provides a safe, engaging and nurturing environment for the children in her care. You can feel Kalika’s warm, positive and respectful nature the instant you walk through her door. Kalika is the best FDC I could have ever hoped for to care for my four-year-old daughter. I wish every child has a FDC like kalika, because she is truly amazing.

    • Donny's Daycare posted on 28-Feb-20, by Janice Goodman

      My son (10 months old) has just completed his first week at Donny's day care. I was so nervous to leave him but Donna has made the transition anti-climatic in the best way possible. He has been so happy since day 1 and Donna has texted me regularly with gorgeous photos of him and updates just to let me know he is happy or when he sleeping or that he has eaten. I never expected her to not only care for him, but to care so much about me leaving him as a first time mum too. I have also been blown away by how professional she is as well. I knew she was incredibly loving and nurturing, but her daily updates, sensory activities and facilities are everything a mum that is looking for a better home away from home could find. From sand pits, to water play to music classes (and this is just in the first week) I honestly think my son is having the time of his life and I'm going to have to step up my mum game. Thank you so much to Donna for being the beautiful person that she is and for making this transition as painless and as happy as it could ever possibly be! This week has exceeded every hope and wish I had for him (and for me) starting daycare.

    • Quakers Road Family Daycare posted on 28-Feb-20, by Kanchan Gatla

      Sehara is good and excellent carer/teacher..my two daughters went to this day care last 2years back ....now thier going to public school ..i didnt get any trouble after joining them in school ...i recommend every parent to join in her day care . Thank you Kanchan

    • Sonya's Montesorri Family Day Care (Korean/Australian) posted on 28-Feb-20, by Tanya Sung

      My son has been attending Sonya's day care for 3 years and enjoys it immensely. Sonya is very nurturing and makes a personal connection with each child their family, which made the start of day care an easy transition. My son has learnt to speak/listen/read in korean and english as both languages are taught and used on a daily basis. Highly recommend this day care for families seeking a personal, experienced and friendly approach.

    • Jodie's Family Day Care posted on 27-Feb-20, by Kerri Grant

      Jodie is the most friendly and nurturing carer I could have ever hoped for to care for our boys. She has a fantastic set up in her home, and regularly takes the kids out on visits within the community. Ben and Harry often talk about their trips with Jodie and miss time spent with her. Very highly recommended

    • iHappy Family Day Care posted on 27-Feb-20, by Maddison Jary

      Su-Min is amazing with our little boy, so attentive, caring and loving. He gets fed only the best nutritional food and we know he is in great hands so never have to worry. Would recommend this family day care to anyone who is looking for a caring loving environment for their little ones.


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