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    • Srivani's Family Day Care posted on 18-Jan-20, by Krupa G

      My daughter, who is now 5yrs old, was under Srivani's care for two yrs or more, ffrom the age of 2yrs.. Srivani always made her feel secured and comfortable. Being loving and caring and understands child's needs. She also maintains professionalism and discipline with her care. Srivani always has offered help and showed co-operation on her part whenever required. I'm very grateful to her for the sincere care and love she has offered. Thank you. Krupa G

    • Little Star House posted on 17-Jan-20, by Thu Hang Phan

      My son has been looked after well by Tifa. He learned a lot and was always happy in Little Star House. If you are looking for a home-like environment or first day care for your baby, I highly recommend Tifa’s service.

    • Yeasmin's Family Day Care posted on 16-Jan-20, by Izu & Chy

      Today, I am glad my wife chose Yeasmin’s Familly Day Care after we visited several other outfits years ago. Located in a closed estate with limited traffic, child friendly fully equipped park and ample parking space, this family child care was the ideal facility we had in mind. Being from a CALDS background, we wanted someone who understood the importance of culture, and the need to teach children the essence of respect and discipline, to always be appreciative and the significance of these words...SORRY, EXCUSE ME and THANK YOU. Above all, someone who respects different religions, has the fear of God and the desire to live in harmony with righteous standard, the awareness of being accountable for motive, thoughts, words and action. All these qualities, we found in Yeasmin. Yeasmin’s love for kids, hands on approach and one-on-one teaching is easily seen when our twins interact with other kids, they are always happy, playful, positive and can't wait to get out the house. Yeasmin’s facility is modern, fully equipped with early learning materials, very very spacious, excellent cooling system for summer season and heating system for the winter season. From our calculations, our twins are over 6 months ahead of their peers, and we attribute this to the wonderful work Yeasmin has been doing since our twins were 12 months old. I highly recommend this early day care facility and I am giving it 5 STARS and a 110%. Keep up the good work Yeasmin, KC & IFY love you dearly.

    • Val's Child Care posted on 15-Jan-20, by David Dawson

      Its hard to leave your child with another person but my daughter begins to get excited when were about 100metres out. As soon as I let her out of the pram she knocks on the door and always has a beaming grin when she see's "Miss Val". We're very fortunate to have found this day care (nicely located next to a couple of other family daycares for social / cover when necessary!). Have recommended her to all our local friends!

    • Clementine’s Family Day Care posted on 15-Jan-20, by Junie Niumata

      I have an 11 year old son who use to be in Clementines pick up service in the morning and after school care. He was with her for just over a year before he changed schools and unfortunately we could no longer utilise her service. She is a wonderful person who is inviting to both you and your kid/kids. My son made some new friends at her service and if he had it his way, he would still be there. If you're looking for some where safe, clean and that you know your kids will enjoy and be looked after. I would definitely recommend Clementine.

    • Donny's Daycare posted on 15-Jan-20, by Talia Zantis

      The love and care Donna shows the kids is amazing. Her genuine passion for what she does is obvious from the minute you step inside. It felt like we were sending our son to a family member. We have loved sending our son to Donnys daycare and can’t wait to send the next one!


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