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    • OM Family Day Care Schofields posted on 6-Mar-21, by Anisha Kumar

      It’s like second home for my little one !! Carers (Sarita n Anamika ) are very very professional, supportive , approachable n dedicated. This is the best decision I made. My child is growing in a very loving , caring n supportive environment. I would highly recommend this service !!

    • Kids Cloud Family Day Care posted on 6-Mar-21, by Jerome Claveria

      Vandana's care is a heaven to my kids. She is the second home and family to them. She treats my kids as her own and my kids treats her as their second mum. Her value for education inspires us greatly. Though we ended her care cuz my son went to big school, our friendship remains. Highly recommended to familys who want peace of mind for their younger ones.- Claveria (Leslie and Erik)

    • 123 Grow Child Care - Logan Central posted on 5-Mar-21, by Kristen James

      I'm really satisfied with the 123 Grow Child Care Centre and their services. The educators are doing a good job looking after the children and the director keeps it well organised. Well done!

    • Rainbow Paradise Pre-School Childhood Development and Education Long Day Care Centre posted on 4-Mar-21, by Leah Jones

      Rainbow Paradise Pre-school is a wonderful service. As an Aboriginal parent I am very proud to take my son to the centre. The centre provides extensive activities based on cultural values and traditional beliefs. All the teachers are understanding and supportive. Mrs Gina welcomes my son and I with empathy and respect. Thank you very much to Mrs Gina and all teachers for their hard work. I recommend the childcare/preschool centre to all families and to all Aboriginal families in western Sydney. The centre provides reasonable prices and caters for all families to be able to afford to send their children to the early childhood sector. Thank you to Rainbow Paradise Preschool for giving me the opportunity to be able to afford to take my son to early childcare before he transitions to Kindy (primary school). Well Done !!!!

    • Rainbow Paradise Pre-School Childhood Development and Education Long Day Care Centre posted on 4-Mar-21, by Hinata Uzumaki

      I am a very happy parent with Rainbow Paradise Preschool. My son Tagamuchi told me that his educators are very kind and loving. He is always happy to attend preschool every morning. He really likes Miss Popi and mentions her at home.s. It's a nurturing environment, and colorful, very clean and all of the educators are really kind. The educators promote creative arts, homework skills, and social development skills, Educators teach my son very well whenever he comes home from school he sings various rhyming songs even in different languages. I put a huge GOLDEN STAR TO THIS PRE-SCHOOL! I recommend this service to all parents.

    • Rainbow Paradise Pre-School Childhood Development and Education Long Day Care Centre posted on 4-Mar-21, by Anna Moelau

      I definitely would recommend this preschool for its welcoming environment. All of the educators are well trained and acknowledge and value children as respectful people in society where they provide cultural competence. Educators are able to form trusting relationships with families. The director alongside all educators of the service ensures all children learn and gain confidence before they enter kindergarten.

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