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    • Star Child Care Service posted on 21-Jan-18, by Lynette Yen

      Elaine has been a wonderful carer for my son Noah. He loved going there and even my older son Isaac enjoyed the occasional care Elaine has provided. She truly loves children and has provided a caring, nurturing environment for my kids. Thank you!

    • Day Care with Debbie posted on 19-Jan-18, by Angela Brinkman

      I have two children and I’ve been using Debbie’s service for almost 5 years. She is a dedicated, caring and passionate educator and both my kids have thrived in her care. Wonderful activities that are tailor made to the kids interests, having lots of fun and exploring the magical garden and outdoor space she has are the order of every single day for the kids. I couldn't recommend Debbie more highly- if you are looking for top quality family day care that you can trust, look no further

    • Day Care with Debbie posted on 19-Jan-18, by Katie Bam

      I would highly recommend Debbie and her facility. My two girls love spending time with her and are always entertained and well looked after. Debbie engages with the children beautifully, she is caring and has wonderful activities for the children. Her setup is amazing with great indoor areas and also the outdoor wonderland with vegetable gardens, a few happy pets and fairy gardens which the children LOVE. Thanks Debbie!!

    • Canterbury Campsie Family Day Care posted on 19-Jan-18, by Miriam Henry

      Our family has been involved with Canterbury Family Day Care for 4 years and during this time we have had a most wonderful experience. Our three children now attend family daycare and throughout their time they have been exposed to outstanding care and excellent education, been challenged on a daily basis, shown love and commitment and have grown to adore their educator. They have been on excursions to the play centre, been shown many ways of sustainable living, completed craft activities (often focussing on significant events like Remberance day and Christmas as examples), they've done cooking and taken regular trips to the park. Our eldest daughter has been working diligently with her educator on her preschool work and all three children are given many opportunities for structured and free play. We receive daily reports, pictures, videos and projects/works done by the children and love hearing first hand how the day went... nothing is too much trouble. We are so happy we made the choice for family day care as this has worked very well with our family values and we feel like this is an extension of our own home.

    • Little Bloomers Preschool posted on 19-Jan-18, by Amanda Cassidy

      My eldest son has been going to Little Bloomers for 1.5 years now and I can't rave about it enough. He loves it there and can't wait to go in the mornings - and I literally have to drag him out at the end of the day (along with my 2yo who can't wait until he gets to go too)! The benefit of consistent carers who he sees every day and who have been there since the centre opened is clearly evident in his secure bond with them. They are caring, enthusiastic and highly experienced and his level of learning and development in his time there has been mind blowing. They do a well thought out mix of play based learning activities, educational projects and physical exercises with a wonderful set up both indoors and in the lovely and safe outdoor area. They have animals, grow vegetables and do monthly incursions where the children get to watch performances, pet and feed animals and reptiles etc. I doubt there is a preschool on the Northern Beaches that provides a better preparation for school than Little Bloomers. And the fact that they operate long daycare hours and don't close during all school holidays is a huge bonus for working parents! Highly highly recommend.

    • Zafira's Family Day Care posted on 19-Jan-18, by Amanda Cassidy

      My little boy has been with Zafira for 1.5 years now and I honestly can't say enough good things about her. He absolutely adores her and her house is like a second home for him. She is caring, attentive and very focused on making sure the children have fun but are also learning. If I raise an issue we're having with Alfie at home (e.g. teeth cleaning) she will aim to tackle that via fun activities while he is with her - always with great results. They do heaps of craft and creative play as well as free play and outdoor activities. Zafira provides excellent food for them and a wonderful safe environment with a beautiful large garden (and undercover outdoor area for bad weather days). There are so many toys and fun things to do and she is excellent at tailoring activities for different ages (my 4yo has been for a couple of days during his preschool holiday - because he loves it there so much and always sulks when we drop Alfie off and he can't stay! - and Zafira created some special projects just for him to do that would challenge him, being older than the others). I've found Family Daycare is the ideal setting for my two boys from being babies until preschool. It's like a home away from home with consistent care from one person so they build a strong bond and feel safe, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Zafira to anyone looking for care for their little one.


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