Our Story

CareforKids.com.au was established by working parents Roxanne and Mark Elliott who struggled to find child care following the birth of their daughter.

Frustrated by a lack of information and the difficult and time consuming process they started thinking there must be a better way…and there was!

In 2003, CareforKids.com.au was launched with the primary goals of supplying families with high quality information about early childhood education and care and helping parents search for care quickly and easily.

Since then we have evolved into Australia’s most comprehensive child care resource. More than three million people visit our site each year and that’s because we make it easy for families to find the information they want and the child care they need.

In 2007, we launched Child Care Vacancy Alert, a world first. Child Care Vacancy Alert is a unique service that connects Australian families to child care and helps providers fill vacancies and boost occupancy levels. That very same year we also launched ChildcareJobs.com.au which is now the online destination for early childhood professionals looking for work.

We were the first to publish and deliver vacancy information to parents and the first to enable families to rate and review their service and we will continue to deliver high quality products and services designed to meet the child care needs of Australian families.

The Corporate Program

Research has shown that happy, healthy employees deliver great returns to the bottom line and according to the Grattan Institute, increasing women’s workforce participation could drive $25 billion in economic growth to 2022.

Surely this is in everyone’s best interests? We think so! And with this in mind we set about designing a corporate program that would help employees balance their work and family commitments and help Australian organisations build diverse, engaged, productive and healthy workplaces.

We launched the Corporate Program in conjunction with the launch of CareforKids.com.au in 2003 and our unique family friendly workplace solutions are now used by many of Australia’s top organisations to help employees manage the competing pressures of work and home life.

The progressive organisations delivering our Corporate Program enjoy better staff retention, improved engagement and an associated reduction in operating costs.

As we look to and plan for the future of CareforKids.com.au the sky is the limit.

We have now expanded our operations and launched overseas with CareforKids.co.nz and continue to expand our Corporate Program, but no matter what happens we will continue to work for families to ensure they can find the high quality child care they need and deserve.

For more information on our comprehensive suite of products and services and to find out how they can help your company build and retain a strong workforce click here.