Occasional, Casual or Flexible Care services in Australia

In Australia we have 1,081 Occasional, Casual or Flexible Care services

The average cost is $13.24 hourly, $132.35 daily (10 hours)

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The average National Standard Rating (NQS) is Meeting National Quality Standard.

  Occasional, Casual or Flexible Care Articles & Tips

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What is Occasional Care?

Dedicated occasional care centres have flexible opening hours and can provide for children whose parents work unpredictable hours. In Occasional care children have the opportunity to play and learn in a safe, child focused environment

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How to plan child care in times of uncertainty

Even the best laid plans can come unstuck, and when it comes to child care, it’s important that your family makes contingency plans to deal with unexpected events

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How to organise child care when you travel for work

Whether you’re jetting off to an annual conference or regularly visiting an interstate office, work trips can be a challenging business if you’re a parent

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Working from Home: Child Care and Other Strategies

Working from home is often seen as the ideal solution for parents who want to return to the paid workforce without putting their child in full time care. We look at changes you can make to your home environment which will help you achieve professional success

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Child care for people who work non-standard hours

Looking for high quality child care when and where you need it can be like searching for a needle in a haystack… the challenge is even greater when you work non-standard or extended hours.

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Child Care Strategies for the School Holidays

With most working parents limited to the standard four week holiday per year, vacation care is a necessity but one which can sometimes be hard to come by