The Journey Begins | Alex, Justin and baby Luisa

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In the whirlwind of parenthood, the decision to entrust your child to the care of others is both daunting and exciting. For Alex and Justin, the journey of finding the right childcare for their baby girl, Luisa, led them to using Care for Kids so they could see all their options in one place.

See what Alex and Justin found important when searching for childcare for baby Luisa: 

Finding the right childcare; a significant step

Alex and Justin knew that finding the right childcare is a significant step for any family. There are a number of considerations to think about; what’s most important for you and your little one and how to find out which services share those values with you. Care for Kids is a platform created for parents, by parents, so we understand what families want to see on childcare listings, to select the right options for their needs.

"I think the main consideration was tenure of the carers; how long they'd been there," explains Alex. Being able to read about a childcare service’s background, team details, facilities and programs makes it easier to put together a shortlist of options. Care for Kids lets you get that initial understanding of whether a service is right for your family or not with its descriptive centre listings.

Justin’s concerns with starting Luisa in care were around the initial separation anxiety; a common sentiment among parents. "I had Luisa for about 9 months at home before she went to childcare, so saying goodbye was pretty tough," he says. Care for Kids makes it easy to communicate directly with childcare services, to provide you with that reassurance that your little one will be secure and your whole family will be supported in this emotional transition.

Care for Kids - a community of parents

Alex and Justin were drawn not just to Care for Kids for its support with finding childcare but also to the sense of community the platform offers. Care for Kids is more than a childcare search site – it's a supportive community of parents navigating similar journeys. This resonated with Alex and Justin as they embarked on Luisa’s childcare adventure.

Justin expressed his feelings about the childcare centre they chose, saying, "Just the feel of the place, when we got there and we met them (the educators), they just seemed to be so loving. It was just a perfect space." Care for Kids provides support and practical tips for how to find the right childcare for your family such as what to ask and consider when going on a centre tour. 


Luisa's New Adventures

The decision to send Luisa to childcare was driven by the desire to provide her with new experiences and social interactions. Justin shared, "I just felt like she (Luisa) needed new stimulation. I had only so much to give her. I felt like she needed new experiences and new people and being around other kids." Care for Kids understands the evolving needs of children and supports parents in finding enriching environments for their little ones.

The Heartwarming Moments

Justin fondly reminisced about the first few days, saying, "I really missed those cuddles during the day, but when I got home from work, she came tearing down the hall, crawling as fast as she could, screaming her head off; so I think she had a good day!" This heartwarming experience reflects the success of their childcare choice and the positive impact it had on Luisa's day.

Join the Care for Kids Community

Care for Kids invites parents to join their mission of making the childcare journey simple and supportive. We understand the challenges and joys that come with finding the right care for your child. Our platform offers a step-by-step approach: Search, Shortlist, and Enquire.

Alex, Justin, and little Luisa's story is a testament to the positive impact of finding the right childcare through Care for Kids. As a community of parents, caregivers, and supporters, Care for Kids is committed to guiding families through the childcare journey with empathy, understanding, and practical solutions. So, take the first step in finding the right childcare for your family: Care for Kids, getting you to day 1 of childcare and beyond.

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