The Journey Begins | James and Valentine

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Meet James and Valentine

James is the Chief customer officer at Care for Kids and knows all too well what it’s like to work long hours around his family and start Valentine, his now eighteen-month-old daughter in childcare. 

James understands that not every parent has the luxury he has of the prior knowledge of the childcare sector and what it takes to start the childcare journey. That aside, even with the wisdom from his work, he still found it challenging.

“It was really difficult to say goodbye to her. It made it easier knowing she was going somewhere where we trusted the educators.”

See what James has to say about their childcare journey: 

Childcare challenges

Before we can talk about the obvious drop-off jitters we need to address the issue of finding childcare in the first place. When significant changes in your circumstances occur, there are additional barriers to maneuver. Like changing address. This is already one of the most stressful times in your life with the packing and moving with small children, but add to that the challenge of finding or moving childcare and the stress levels skyrocket.

Of course, this is where Care for Kids makes things easier than ever before. Being able to get an educated overview of the childcare landscape in every suburb and compare them to each other as well as outside suburbs will give you an understanding of: 

  • Childcare costs around the suburb you're moving to
  • Learning philosophies between each service
  • Vacancy information

Changing environments 

We know children are pretty resilient little things and it's us parents that have more anxiety around the ‘who’ is looking after our children and where. That's why it's great to be able to see, at a glance, the environment, staff, and other children that attend the service. A quick call from the Care for Kids site, an enquiry, or even booking a tour straight away will enable you to see exactly what you're looking for at any service listed. 

Built by parents, for parents!

“As a family of two full-time working parents (like lots of families are), I understand just how overwhelming it can be to add the task of looking for childcare on top of an already busy schedule. Add the Mum and Dad guilt on top of that and you have a recipe for stress! Care for Kids and Toddle help to alleviate (some of) that stress by providing a consolidated view of all the childcare services in a suburb and then providing succinct information to help parents (like me!) to compare multiple services against each other. I know when it came time to choose childcare for my daughter, the service I was recommended was full, and I ended up comparing 4 different services before selecting our final choice.” James, Chief customer officer. 

Come along for the ride as The Journey Begins for our six families in the spotlight, our own families, and feel us walking alongside you, guiding you through your discovery into the world of early learning and education.

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