The Infants Home Early Childhood Education and Care Centre - Robinson House

17 Henry Street - Ashfield NSW 2131

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My two kids are having a wonderful experience at The Infants Home. My youngest is loving his time in Murray House and my eldest looks forward to her days at Robinson House. The educators are kind and generous with their time and genuine care for the kids. Knowing my kids feel safe and happy has made my transitions back to work so much easier. For us, one of the most exciting discoveries of The Infants Home has been their cultural awareness and how this informs curriculum. One evening my daughter spontaneously recited a clearly articulated (and accurate!) Welcome to Country and it brought us to tears. We are so grateful she has this vital First Nations' awareness from such an early age. Thank you, thank you.
My son's last day at Robinson House was last week, and I was in floods of tears. All my three children attended the Infants Home, my eldest is now 12. I love the warmth, diversity and kindness I've experienced with the carers here. After ten straight years, I feel I am saying goodbye to friends. All three of my children were well prepared for school, with a nice balance of structure and freedom to explore the beautiful grounds of the houses, with lovely established trees. The carers are gentle and patient, from a wide range of backgrounds and I have always trusted their experience and integrity. My son had such an excellent year last year, he could have started Kindy last year as he turned 5 in May but I decided to hold him back. He wasn't at all bored, he was so engaged in many child-led projects and areas of discussion, he had strong friendships and gentle help from carers when there were minor issues. He's proud to be a good example to the younger kids. I'm so grateful. With its history, heritage buildings, compassionate charter and non-profit status, the Infants Home is a precious and incomparable resource to our community.
A wonderful centre with such dedicated, highly experienced, child focused educators who look after my daughter beautifully. Highly recommend this preschool to all parents.
I found The Infants Home an amazing place for my kids. Both of my kids attended Murray House babies/toddlers and then moved to Robinson House - preschool. The teacher's dedication is one of a kind. Children experience learning through play and the teachers tailor the learning to the kids interests. For example: my boy loves to play with cars, the teachers came up with all sorts of games including Bingo using my son's love for cars. He learnt to count, recognise colours, found out about how car works etc through games developed by his amazing teacher. The exposure to different ways of learning, flexibility and love, that is what The Infants Home provides. The teachers are highly qualified, well informed and always know what's happening in the groups they run. Both of my kids educators always offered very detailed feedback at the end of the day. Murray House (babies) were so vigilant in their feedback they would call me the following day if they forgot something. All the teachers from Murray House and Robinson's House keep a detailed written encounter of my children's day and progress. You can call the Centre any time of the day to speak to an educator and find out how your child/children are doing. The educators are very well trained and their skills are evident especially at the drop offs. They are able to quickly asses the situation and provide extra support that reassures the parents and the kids who might be struggling at the drop offs. The catering for kids is amazing. Kids are fed very well throughout the day. There is a choice of different type of food that kids can choose from. As a parent you can join in in the mornings together with your child in some of the activities and have morning tea with your child. Both of my kids absolutely love The Infants Home and I am grateful for the dedication that teachers showed towards my kids.
I found the directors, educators and team members as well as admin team are wonderful, very helpful, caring and experienced. The centre is very spacious so the kids have lots of rooms and outdoor areas to run around and explore. Kids can choose to do many different activities like dancing, singing, painting, creative arts, puzzles, books reading, playdough, worm farm and many more. They also have very experienced and fantastic speech therapists and occupational therapist onsite. Not forget to mention my twin girls enjoyed the nutritional food served.
I am very happy with service in Gordon House. The director, educators and admin staff are brilliant. My two girls have a strong attachment with staff there.