Extra funds for childcare
Melbourne Herald Sun – Jane Bunce – May 8, 2007

About 730,000 families will receive an extra weekly payment of up to $20.50 for each child under changes to child care benefits announced...

Costello splashes $2.1bn on low-income families
The Australian – Stephen Lunn – May 8, 2007

Treasurer Peter Costello has also made a provision for low income families in his 2007 Budget by announcing a 10 per cent increase to the Child Care Benefit...

Childcare cash upped $4.10 a day
Daily Telegraph – Sue Dunlevy – May 8, 2007

By Sue Dunlevy. WEEKLY childcare benefit subsidies were increased by up to $4.10 per day and the Federal Government will bring forward payment of the 30 per...

Childcare rebate revamped
Courier Mail – Steven Wardill – May 8, 2007

FAMILIES could soon receive the Federal Government's 30 per cent rebate on out-of-pocket childcare expenses at regular intervals throughout the year.

Child care benefits to increase
ABC Online – May 8, 2007

The Federal Government will spend $2.1 billion in this year's Budget to increase access to child care services. From July 1 this year the Child Care Benefit...

$2.1b pitch to families
Melbourne Herald Sun – Ben Packham – May 8, 2007

FAMILIES struggling with childcare payments have been given a $2.1 billion helping hand in a major election-year pitch to crucial mortgage-belt seats.

Childcare centres take on volunteer
Melbourne Herald Sun – Susie O'Brien – May 8, 2007

CHILDCARE centres are using untrained volunteers, work experience students and people working for the dole to lift staff numbers and meet State Government...

Call for more childcare places
The Australian – Stephen Lunn and Patricia Karvelas – May 7, 2007

ANNETTE Maloney will be happy to have earlier access to thousands of dollars in childcare tax rebates, but believes Treasurer Peter Costello is unlikely to...

Child-care costs high on money worries list
The Age – Nassim Khadem - May 7, 2007

ONE in seven families rank child care in their top three financial concerns, a Labor report to be released today says. The Family Watch Taskforce Report...

Family-friendly Budget coming
Melbourne Herald Sun – May 7, 2007

TOMORROW'S Budget will help working families and invest in the economy to ensure future jobs growth, federal Treasurer Peter Costello says...

Budget hook for working parents
Brisbane Times - Kerry-Anne Walsh - May 6, 2007

Parents receiving child-care rebates are to get extra help, and the 30 per cent tax rebate for out-of-pocket child-care expenses is tipped to change, to allow weekly or fortnightly...

PM's $8000 family gift
Sunday Telegraph - Glen Milne - May 6, 2007

FAMILIES are to be offered up to $8000 per child in a one-off election year sweetener to reduce the cost of child care. The payment, which could benefit up...

Taxing times for toiling mums
NEWS.com.au - Sue Dunlevy - May 04, 2007

Mothers do 70 per cent of the housework and more than 90 per cent of the childcare. Now it seems they're also paying tax at three times the rate of their...

Day care blamed for sick babies
Courier Mail - Tamara McLean - May 03, 2007

Rising day care use in Australia has been blamed for infections being the leading reason babies and toddlers are admitted to hospital.

Fighting obesity... we'll drink to that
Geelong Advertiser - Simon Gladman - May 3, 2007

A new program, sweeping through 35 schools and 46 childcare centres and kindergartens in the region, aims to dramatically change eating, drinking and...