PM told to deliver on housing - Patricia Karvelas and Matthew Franklin - September 19, 2007

A more flexible childcare policy was also raised, as was an innovative idea for the Government to pay women who leave the workforce to look after children...

Sick kids, no childcare fees - Kate Sikora - September 19, 2007

Parents will be reimbursed the cost of care less the government's Child Care Benefit. With childcare costing more than $100 a day in some Sydney centres...

MPs' brainstorm creates whirlpool of ideas
The Age - Michelle Grattan and Misha Schubert - September 19, 2007

COALITION backbenchers have devised a wishlist for wooing the nation's voters that includes more help for first home buyers, further tax cuts, childcare tax ...

kids left in care of failed centres
Melbourne Herald Sun – Ben Packham – September 17, 2007

... reduction in the standards of quality that will be assured in federally funded child care across Australia," vice-president Sandra Cheeseman said.

Childcare centres fail test – Laura Anderson – September 17, 2007

He said Ms Macklin's comments were recognition of her state Labor colleagues' failure in the area of child care. Childcare SA president Jo Crichton said...

Fees rise at childcare centre – Liam Walsh & Russell Emmerson – September 17, 2007

AUSTRALIA'S largest childcare operator, ABC Learning Centres, is expected to increase fees by 4 per cent again this year. The fee increase would raise a...

Family First fights for bumper baby bonus for third kid
Melbourne Herald Sun - September 17, 2007

And the minor party wants parents to get an annual $4000 childcare allowance for every child they have under five. Family First senator Steve Fielding will...

S Africans sought to fill skills gap
The Australian – Amanda O’Brien - September 17, 2007

... weigh up lifestyle with a job that is two weeks on and two weeks off against what we offer - like flexible hours, childcare, job-sharing and the like."

Ratings for child care to be a guessing game
Sydney Morning Herald – Stephanie Peatling - September 17, 2007

CHILD-CARE representatives will meet the Federal Government today amid claims the standards for accrediting centres are being weakened...

Rainbow children
The Age – Peter Munro - September 16, 2007

"We are seeing lots more requests from child-care centres and primary schools to look at how they can become more inclusive in their policies and their...

Toddler taming expert admits he was wrong
Melbourne Herald Sun – Clair Weaver - September 16, 2007

She said many of her ideas were similar to those of Dr Benjamin Spock, whose revolutionary book Baby and Child Care influenced generations from the 1940s to...

Sex revolution robbed us of fertility
The Australian – Angela Shanahan - September 15, 2007

No amount of economic fiddling with family tax rates, no amount of child care or incentives for women to work, not even the threat of cultural extinction as...

MP calls for govt-funded maternity leave – September 11, 2007

A SCHEME to have 14 weeks government-funded maternity leave would be of greatest benefit to women working in low-paid jobs, former Australian Democrats senator Natasha Stott Despoja said today.

Preschool nerves put health at risk
Sydney Morning Herald – Kate Benson – September 11, 2007

Dr Sims said studies had shown that kindergarten children in classes of 10 to 15 students, and toddlers in smaller child-care centres, had lower cortisol...

Parents rely on family to care for kids
Northern Territory News – Nick Calacouras - September 10, 2007

FAMILY and friends are bearing the brunt of the childcare burden with more than 6500 Top End families relying on unpaid babysitting...