Goodwood Community Childcare Centre

31 Rosa St - Goodwood SA 5034

(08) 8272 1666

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I have 2 children in care here - both since they were 10mths old (one is in babies and other in toddlers). The carers are very warm, caring, organised, informative, helpful and the kids love them. Top quality care. I've seen how my babies have thrived since going there. The centre is extremely well run and structured by Lisa, Nella, Cathy and other staff. And because it is a smaller centre - everyone is really close - the kids all know each other and all receive good one on one attention. A great community feel exists with the parents who consistently chip in to help where they can with working bees etc. The babies have a beautiful naturally-lit room facing north (not dingey like many others) plus an undercover play area for outdoor play - sandpit, grassed areas for pushers and bikes. Toddlers have heaps of clean runaround room undercover and plenty of toys, pretend play and structured arts/crafts time as well as outdoor play time at the back. At particular times of the day, all age groups interact - great exposure to all kids and they all take care of one other - it's one big happy family. Rear outdoor play area is beautifully landscaped with undulating mounds, amongst it swings, undercover sandpit, play fort and slide, worm farm (kept covered and out of kid's reach), veggie patch and a beautiful wall mural of sunflowers and plants. Lisa runs a tight ship. She and staff have consistently implemented the National Quality Framework into the centre and all parents have been well informed throughout the process. They take it very seriously and it is evident in everything they do. Highly recommended