6 memorable ways to celebrate Mother's Day

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  Published on Wednesday, 08 May 2019

6 memorable ways to celebrate Mother's Day

Library Home  >  Arts, Crafts & Activity Ideas
  Published on Wednesday, 08 May 2019
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Mother's Day is this week Sunday 12 May and whether you're looking for inspiration or dropping some hints, there are lots of great ways to celebrate the occasion.

Here are six Mother's Day activities that will be truly memorable, and fun for the whole family.

1. Make a book together

To create a Mother's Day book with your child, all you need is a few sheets of A4 paper, a stapler and some writing materials. Come up with a story together (for example, My Mum Is Brilliant! By Ms Three), include some illustrations or photos and you have a title to treasure.

When it comes to your own mum, the best-selling book, Mum, Tell Me by Elma van Vliet is a great way to share in your mother's life. The idea is that she provides written answers to questions like, 'What did you want to be when you grew up?'' or 'How did motherhood change you?' to create a personalised book. Or for the DIY option, you could fill up a notebook together, with questions and answers along the same lines.

2. Support a charity

For an activity that raises the heart rate and raises money for a good cause, why not register for a Mother's Day charity event? The annual Mother's Day Classic walk and fun run on 12 May aims to raise more than $2.1 million for breast cancer research. So, get involved and think pink!

3. Teach Mum something new

If your Mum isn't too tech savvy, but she'd like to be, then May 12 is a great day to introduce her to Instagram, pique her interest in Pinterest or just show her how to Netflix and chill. And if she's already up to speed with the internet, then think about something else Nan would love to learn from you.

Mother's Day is also a chance for little ones to proudly teach Mummy something, so you could ask your child how to make a play dough cupcake, 'do' The Kissing Hand or dance like The Wiggles.

4. Try something different together

In between the morning rush, daily routine and night-time schedules, it can be easy to slip into the rut of doing same old, same old. So, this Mother's Day, do something your family has never done before.

This could be as simple as playing that board game you've heard about, finding a new pram-friendly bushwalk or treating Mum to the bungee jump she's always wanted!

5. Stage a family photo shoot

Another fun idea is to sort through some old albums and choose a few classic family photos to recreate.

Using similar locations, clothing, poses and facial expressions, you could re-shoot that cute toddler pic with your teenager, recreate a hilarious 1984 holiday snap or just live in the now and take a 'three generations' photo featuring granny, mum and grandchild.

6. Have a picnic

Whether you roll out a rug in the backyard or in the park, a good old-fashioned picnic is a great way to spend quality time together. Lay out a few Mother's Day delights ('I Love You Mum' biscuits are a sweet idea) and invite everyone to eat, drink and think about what their mum means to them.

And whatever you do on the 12th, here's to a wonderful Mother's Day that's full of love, laughs and a nice lie-in!

But wait, there's more…

Mother's Day isn't the only family-friendly event this month. It's also worth noting that 15 May is International Day of Families and National Families Week is celebrated from 15 to 21 May in Australia. Both events are a chance to celebrate all the diverse families around the world and spend time with your own, so see if there's a fun day, BBQ or morning tea happening near you.

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