The Sydney mum who’s won $10k worth of child care!

Blog Image for article The Sydney mum who’s won $10k worth of child care!

Earlier this year, gave families the chance to win $10,000 worth of free child care.

Thank you to all who entered, and we’re now very pleased to announce that Sydney mum, Melanie Uymatiao, has scooped the prize.

Her two-year-old daughter, Zoe, attends Only About Children in Brookvale, and to see what this win means for the Uymatiao family, we spoke with Melanie herself.

Congratulations, Melanie! What was your reaction when you found out you’d won $10,000 worth of child care?

My husband, Eugene, and I were so very excited when we heard the news. We couldn’t quite believe it! We were jumping up and down and called Zoe’s grandparents straightaway to share the news.

This prize will pay for Zoe’s child care for up to a year. Have you got any special plans for the money you’re saving on fees?

We are mostly saving the money for a rainy day and are very grateful for the prize. It makes a real difference to the family budget.

Zoe started at Only About Children this year. How often does she attend, and what does she most enjoy about her time at child care?

Zoe goes to Only About Children two days a week, and she loves jumping, painting and watching the other kids.

She was enrolled in a different daycare centre last year, but when my work moved office, I used to find a place at Only About Children Brookvale.

Since then, Zoe’s adjusted really well. The educators are friendly, kind and professional. They’re wonderful carers and teachers.

How does child care make life easier for your family?

Child care enables us both to work, and it reduces the need for Eugene and I to ask grandparents to help out with babysitting.

Winning this prize means we are able to put Zoe in for a third day, which we will start soon, and we’re all so happy! 

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