Six (real!) steps to squashing stress

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Six (real!) steps to squashing stress

When it comes to managing stress, we all know there are ways to look after ourselves better, self-care strategies we can put in place and of course there are habits we can change. But when it comes to managing stress in a moment, and you have hit your peak, we've come up with six simple ideas that can bring you down and brighten your day.

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They say the first step to solving an issue is that you recognising there is one - and that's no different from stress. If you're feeling like you're breath is getting a little quicker, your heart is beating faster or temper a little shorter, recognising it is really important!

Take a moment

We know it's not always possible to take a step away, particularly in a busy childcare environment but if you have someone to relieve you and it's possible to steal away for a spell, now is the time. Head into the kitchen, find a quiet place in the office or head outside if the sun is shining - it doesn't have to be long and it will do you wonders!  

Pause and Breathe

Breathing is a powerful way to regulate emotions. Don't forget to take a deep breath and calm the chaos in a quiet space. There are a myriad of breathing exercises, meditations and longer style breathing exercises to help you manage but when you're in a bind and you need something stat, this breathing shape might just be your new go-to. Use it for as little or as long as you need - we've heard from (A-hem) good sources that at least two rounds is ideal! 


Have a glass of water

Again, this is part of those habits to get into but we're not here to tell you that you're not drinking enough water in general, we're here to say that just one glass of water can help decrease in-the-moment feelings of stress and improve your body's response, helping you deal with it a little better.


For those that laughed when we said to step out of the room and steal away from the kids for a moment, here's one for you! Put the music on and get every little body in the room up on the dance mat. We don't care what you're dancing to, we don't care how loud it gets, - no judgement here! As long as you're having a moment of joy in an otherwise stressful day, it will mean the world to you, the kids and other educators in the . Just watch it change the course of your day! 

Stay positive

Letting a bad moment take the wind from your sails all day is just not ok! It sounds cliché but a silver lining or something to look forward to can change the outlook and make the rest of your afternoon better! A positive outlook can pull you out of a funk in moments. 

It's important to remember that stress can be a normal part of life, but please remember to seek help for stress if you feel like things are getting a little too much. There are things you can do.

  • Talk to your doctor.
    It's not just coughs, colds and general health concerns, your local GP is ready to have a conversation with you if you're feeling overwhelmed.
  • Beyond Blue have some amazing resources that you can read through but they too are ready to webchat if you feel the need.
  • Contact Lifeline 131114

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