School holiday ideas for all ages

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Squeals of laughter, screams of terror – the former from the children, racing from the gates, about to embark on two fun-filled weeks of holidays. The latter from parents trying to find new, inventive ways to keep their children entertained and off the screens while juggling work and regular household responsibilities. 

School holidays - what a rollercoaster of emotion.

Working parents everywhere, rejoice. It seems the universe has heard you and answered your call, asking for interesting ways to solve your problem. 


Enter OOSH

There are numerous Out Of School Hours (OOSH) care options available, listed on Care for Kids that offer incursions, excursions and ultimately, the best play date ever! Check them out to get yourself set up for not only this holiday period, but those following and never miss a place! 

Your own downtime

If you’re fortunate to have some time off, we understand that not every day can be filled with craft activities and playdough. We know you’re keen to get out and about but you should also know that it’s important to remember to let the kids be bored! Boredom breeds creativity.

Local council ideas

Your local council website will have some unique ideas to help you entertain children over the break. They might even have some vacancies in their council run programs. There are guaranteed to be vacancies in the library programs if you get in early enough and if they’re supervised, you might even like to reserve yourself a place at the computer and work from there for a change of scenery. 

Keeping the learning rolling

This one is of the most entertaining and genius ideas out there. Code Camp offers parents after school solutions as well as being school holiday saviours! Each ‘camp’ is offered over two or three days and is offered at over 100 schools around Australia – there is sure to be something close by!

Not only can they take the kids for that period with drop off and collection times set, but they also teach the kids valuable lessons that they want to know! Animation, coding, YouTube creation, Roblox legends and even a drone camp – what more can kids want? 

At home solutions

Online learning

Not only does Code Camp offer in-person programs, but they also have online solutions for children aged between seven and thirteen. Screen based learning should never be excluded provided they’re engaged – and who wouldn’t be with such incredible things to learn? 

Child swapping

They say it takes a village to raise a child so why not build your own? And if your children are like most you will know that one child is ‘bored’ and will nag to do things but add a friend on a playdate and you hardly hear from them – that could be your ticket to freedom for a moment, particularly if you can work from home for a spell.

Babysitters club?

No, not like the books. Nothing about an eleven-year-old babysitting your child. We’re talking agency approved babysitters. This could take some time interviewing and preparing but once they’re in place you should be able to reconnect at each holiday period. 

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