Revolutionising Healthcare: Experience Genuine Telehealth with Our Sage

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In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, telehealth has emerged as a revolutionary force, transforming the way Australians access medical advice and support. Over the last two years, telehealth has become an integral part of our healthcare system, providing a convenient and accessible alternative to traditional face-to-face consultations. 

Telehealth lets you consult a doctor remotely by phone call. While it’s not supposed to replace seeing your doctor in person, it can be useful if you're away from home, live in a rural area or you simply don't have time to see your doctor for a medical certificate, a prescription renewal or an urgent referral. Among the myriad of online services offering telehealth, one stands out for its commitment to genuine, quality healthcare—introducing Our Sage.

The Our Sage Difference: Telehealth That's Actually About Health

Our Sage sets itself apart in the telehealth arena by redefining the standards of healthcare. While many telehealth providers offer similar services, the quality of healthcare can vary significantly. At Our Sage, the focus is on providing on demand healthcare that puts patients first, wherever and whenever they require it.

Backed by Genuine Primary Healthcare

What makes Our Sage unique is its solid foundation backed by a genuine primary healthcare company with a rich history of delivering quality healthcare in Australia via Our Medical centres. Our Sage takes the same patient-focused approach that Our Medical's network of physical medical centres are known for and brings it online. Our Sage is on a mission to elevate virtual patient care in Australia, recognising that while face-to-face consultations are ideal, telehealth can be the next best alternative with Our Sage when a physical visit isn't possible.

Real Australian-Registered GPs, Anytime You Need

Our Sage makes it easy to speak to a GP from the comfort of your home, available from 7am-11pm every day, including weekends and public holidays. The Our Sage network of GPs are all Australian-licenced and experienced in treating a wide range of medical conditions in person, or via telehealth.

Comprehensive Telehealth Services

Our Sage understands that healthcare needs vary, and to cater to diverse requirements, they offer a range of telehealth appointment types. Whether you seek general health advice, medical certificates, prescriptions, pathology and radiology requests, or specialist referrals, Our Sage has you covered.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Our Sage believes in making quality healthcare accessible. Medical certificates start from just $19, while GP consults are priced competitively at $45. For longer or more complex consultations, Our Sage offers a long consult option at $55. Need urgent attention? Opt for the Priority Consult option at $65 to jump the queue and receive prompt care.

A Convenient Solution

Our Sage introduces a $15 online script service that simplifies the process of obtaining prescriptions for your child. This service is especially valuable for parents who may find it challenging to schedule a GP appointment or visit a medical facility.

Here's how the Our Sage $15 online script service works:

  • Complete the request on the Our Sage website: Visit the Our Sage website to submit your prescription request, providing necessary details about your child's medication.
  • Speak to a healthcare professional: Connect with an Our Sage healthcare professional who will assess your request and discuss any concerns or queries you may have.
  • Receive your eScript: Once approved, your electronic prescription (eScript) will be sent to your email, SMS, or through the Our Sage app. This convenient process eliminates the need for physical visits and waiting rooms.

$15 Repeat or Regular Medication Scripts

Our Sage offers a $15 online script service for both repeat and regular medication scripts. This means that you can easily request a prescription for a regular medication your child is already taking without the hassle of a physical doctor's visit.

$15 New Scripts

In addition to repeat prescriptions, Our Sage also facilitates obtaining new scripts. Whether your child requires a new medication or a change to their current prescription, Our Sage's healthcare professionals are available to assist.

Online Medical Certificates

Our Sage also offers online medical certificates from $19 for those times when your little ones or you are too sick to attend childcare or work; easy to access without having to leave home.

Simply head to the Our Sage website to request a medical certificate that will be verified by a real Australian-registered GP. Once verified, the medical certificate will be sent directly to your email within the hour.

If you need a longer medical certificate for 3-4 days for work, school or childcare, simply request a telehealth consult through the Our Sage app or website to speak to a fully qualified Australian GP. The doctor will assess your symptoms, medical history and any other relevant details and determine if you are eligible for a medical certificate. If you are, the certificate will be sent directly to your phone / email.

Seamless Access through the Our Sage App

To enhance your experience, Our Sage offers a user-friendly app that allows you to join the telehealth consult queue with just a few taps. The app also simplifies the management of healthcare documentation for your entire family, storing referrals, prescriptions, and medical certificates securely in one place. If you prefer not to download the app, joining the telehealth queue via the website is equally straightforward, with supporting documentation conveniently emailed to you.

No Appointment Needed – Just Join the Queue

One of the standout features of Our Sage is the absence of the need for appointments. Simply join the queue for a telehealth consult whenever you require virtual care. If it’s urgent, choose the Priority Consult option to make it quick.

Elevating Telehealth with Our Sage

Our Sage stands at the forefront of telehealth, reimagining the landscape by placing genuine healthcare at its core. Backed by a legacy of quality primary healthcare, the service offers a seamless experience, connecting patients with real Australian-registered GPs anytime, anywhere. Whether you need advice, prescriptions, or referrals, Our Sage is committed to delivering healthcare that prioritises your well-being. Explore the future of telehealth with Our Sage – where health is not just a service, but a genuine commitment to your care.

For more information or to experience Our Sage, visit

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