Pin it - The top trends for mums, dads and kids in 2018

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Watch out world, because Pinterest has released its parenting trend predictions for 2018, based on the rising popularity of certain saved pins. And if their forecast is anything to go by, then this is the year to build a perma-fort, buy a weighted blanket and host a sip and see.

So, without further ado, here are 14 parenting trends coming your way (probably)…

1. Wooden toys

What's old is new again, with saved pins for 'wooden toys' up 173 per cent on Pinterest. It seems parents are making a move away from plastic toys towards natural playthings, with wooden toy animals, tools, cameras, trains and even smartphones building a rapport with kids.

2. Perma-forts

A cardboard box fort is all very well (in fact, it's stacks of fun), but a perma-fort takes inside-cubbies a step further and makes forts part of the furniture. Saved pins for 'forts' were up 108 per cent, and this year bed-style forts are a dream come true for little snoozers.

3. Wall decals

When it comes to kids' rooms, removable wall art is colourful, affordable and flexible (literally and figuratively). Saved pins for 'wall decals' are up 219 per cent, so now's the time to get stuck into a jungle, superhero or unicorn theme. And when your kid grows out of it, just peel it off and start again.

4. Sip and sees

With snacks, wine and a newborn to meet, the 'sip and see' party is an increasingly popular way to introduce a new baby to family and friends. This drop-in event is often thrown for mums who've just had their second, third or fourth baby and pins for 'sip and see' are up 218 per cent.

5. Personalised party tees

Still on the party theme, special occasion t-shirts are a great way to celebrate birthdays and holidays in a group fashion. Saved pins for ‘birthday shirt' were up 250 per cent, so expect lots of tag-team tees with the word 'squad' on them!

6. Teething necklaces

Teething is no fun for babies, but Mummy's chewable silicon teething necklace makes gum pain a bit more bearable – and wearable. Saved pins for 'teething necklaces' are up 146 per cent on Pinterest.

7. Boho baby showers

Saved pins for 'boho shower' were up a sizeable 306 per cent, which means that mums-to-be are going seriously bohemian before bubba is born. Look out for boho-chic florals, retro tents, vintage pillows and antique rugs. Grooovy, baby.

8. Nesting

In between throwing a boho baby shower, parents-to-be are also getting organised. Saved pins for 'baby prep' are up 207 per cent, with an interest in time-saving meals, pre-baby 'to do' lists and hospital checklists.

9. Baby trackers

Saved pins for 'baby tracker' were up 58 per cent, which means that once bubba arrives, plenty of parents are busy tracking their little one's milestones, nappy changes and feeds with the help of apps, cheat sheets and the like.

10. Eco-friendly clothing

It's easy being green, and there has been a massive up swell in saved pins for 'eco-friendly clothing' (up 750 per cent). This means cloth nappies, recycled clothing and ‘green’ baby registries are all the rage, tying in with the wooden toys trend.

11. Pom poms

These fluffy DIY delights are bobbing up everywhere, with pom poms on rugs, baby mobiles, blankets, hats, earrings and more. Yes, 'pom pom décor' is having a moment, with saved pins up 444 per cent.

12. Weighted blankets

If pom pom blankets don't tickle your fancy, then perhaps weighted blankets will! They promise to calm your kid, put them to sleep and relieve parental stress during the nightly routine, and saved pins for 'weighted blankets' were up 259 per cent.

13. Modern nurseries

It's out with the old and in with the new wave of modern nursery styling. With gender-neutral themes, monochromatic colour schemes, chic light fittings and non-traditional cots, saved pins for 'mature nursery' and 'modern nursery' are up 85 per cent.

14. Sprinkle showers

Not to be confused with a weather event, the 'sprinkle baby shower' is a scaled-back version of a baby shower. It’s often held for a second or subsequent bub, or where a mum of girls has her first boy (or vice versa). Saved pins increased 180 per cent, so Pinterest is forecasting a deluge of sprinkle showers!

Resource: Newsday

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