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Finding an Amazing Nanny

Nannies offer a fabulous alternative to parents who are returning to work and who have decided not to use family day care or centre based care.

Nannies are qualified and/or experienced child care workers who look after your child in your home.

Overview on Nannies

This Overview on Nannies tells you the differences between nannies, au pairs and babysitters and will give you a rough idea of the pros and cons of using a nanny.

Finding and Interviewing a Nanny

There are a couple of different ways to find a nanny; you can use an agency or you can advertise for and interview a nanny independently.

While using an agency will reduce your legwork it does involve additional cost so you should use the articles above to weigh up the advantages of each approach.

Your Obligations

Once you have sourced the ideal person for the job you need to be aware of your obligations when employing a nanny. A nanny is an employee and although the person you hire may come to feel like a member of the family, they maintain certain legal rights.

This article on retaining your nanny offers a number of simple suggestions to ensure your working relationship is harmonious and in the best interest of your child. One tool you may wish to use is this Nanny/Parent Diary.

Other Options you may wish to consider

Finally, if you like the idea of a nanny but have concerns about the cost you might like to consider setting up a Nanny Share Arrangement.

Finding and Employing a Male Nanny could also be an option as male nannies offer a similar skill set to nannies but may bring a different dynamic worth considering.

The Tools

What is a nanny
Interviewing a Nanny or Au pair
Your Obligations when Hiring a Nanny
Retaining your nanny
Nanny/Parent Diary
Nanny Sharing
Finding and Employing a Male Nanny
Nanny Search service
Work and child care

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