Monitoring the content our children consume

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As parents, we're subjected to partake in so many activities our children participate in. From the freezing mornings on the local footy or soccer field to dragging shot put trolleys or measuring discus around the local little athletics club so they're able to participate. There are those parents who love nothing more than getting their gear off, down to their bathers, and hopping in the pool to splash about for the weekly swimming lessons and there are those who loathe it. 

Wherever you fall with the physical activities, you would think there would be some reprieve when it came to letting the kids have a bit of screen time, but, apparently not!


I think we can all agree that Bluey reigns supreme when it comes to children’s TV shows. Or at least shows that were made in the last few years. Of course, if you’re like me and you’re in your forties, shows such as Gummi Bears, DuckTales, Super Ted, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will forever be the elite of all things animated.

Try getting your kids to watch that stuff now though.

My son will put up with Sword in the Stone and 101 Dalmatians but he’s just being nice, he’s doing it for me and I love him for it. And in return, I’m subjected to whatever YouTuber is playing Minecraft or Roblox that day if not one of the million iterations of Sonic the Hedgehog or Super Mario.

It used to be Peppa

It could be worse though and indeed, it was. My son is almost 7, and so much of what he watches, while heavily monitored and reviewed first by me, is stuff he wants to watch alone. The days when we would sit and watch shows together are mostly gone and while I’m sad the time has passed, I’m glad I don’t have to sit and endure one more episode of Peppa Pig.

On the subject of Peppa and monitoring the content our children watch, we should talk about what an obnoxious little thing she is and what a terrible role model she really is for children. A loud and abrupt little pig who calls her dad fat and is always unkind to her little brother - awful! 

And her poor brother, by the way, is the only person in the entire show whose name isn’t alliterative. Peppa Pig, Suzy Sheep, Candy Cat, Rebecca Rabbit. And George. If that’s not the clearest and most definitive way of letting us (and him) know that he is an inconvenience, I don’t know what is. He’s about the least irritating in that family too. Why? Because he can’t say anything.

Thomas isn't safe either

Have you ever watched Thomas the Tank Engine? I mean properly watched it. Let’s excuse the mean-spirited nature of calling him the “Fat Controller”, but I mean if that’s stress eating then you can hardly blame him. What is that island if it’s not hell and the trains are all demons?

It’s a tiny island with a population of approximately 60,000, according to several fandom websites, yet there’s a very large transportation network in place for both public and industrial use. And nothing ever runs smoothly on that island. It’s one thing after another. Cargo spills, derailed trains, damaged tracks, loss of power, broken down trains. Thomas the Tank Engine is one of the most stressful shows I’ve ever seen. More so than the evening news. 

Trying not to judge

But as I say, those days are gone and now my son mostly watches streamers and internet personalities clocking up views by giving jackets to homeless people or jumping over cars with pogo sticks. I’m not mocking, I’m not judging, it’s just a different time.

That’s been the big thing for in all this. Not to judge. Ok so I didn’t grow up with Mr. Beast or Dr. Disrespect and the idea of watching someone play a video game may seem a little alien to me, I’m sure my parents would have peered over my shoulder on occasions and wondered why the hell I’d be so fascinated with turtles wearing headbands and eating pizza, or a plumber and his brother collecting coins and sulking down drainpipes to avoid ducks with shells. Just different times.

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