Celebrating Early Childhood Educators

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A good daycare provider plays an essential role not just when it comes to the child's education, but also in supporting a child's physical and mental development. 

Day after day and year after year, early childhood educators bring a special type of care and commitment to our under fives’ lives. They sprinkle fun into every day, and help our children learn, grow and thrive by providing enriching experiences and genuine connections. 


Early education teachers and providers also support parents through thick and thin, and this year, they’ve met the great challenges of COVID-19 and continued to provide safe and essential childcare when we needed it most.

With all this in mind, we’re glad of the opportunity to give a little back.

There are lots of ways to applaud your educator now, or whenever you next see them, you and your child could:

  1. Make a thank you note, card or artwork to express your sincere gratitude for your early childhood teacher
  2. Write a short story or poem, detailing all the things your child loves about their excellent teacher and why they are such an amazing  educator
  3. Hand over a homemade present, like a pasta necklace or painted pot for a plant for your patient and compassionate educator
  4. Pick a bunch of flowers from the garden or florist, make a paper bouquet or put together a daisy chain for the early childhood educators or daycare teachers in your service
  5. Sign a giant thank you card with other families at your service to validate the value of childhood education and care providers in your child's life (being careful about health and hygiene)
  6. Make some sweet treats or savoury snacks for morning tea
  7. Print out shapes for your child to add to an appreciation wall or thank you tree at your service;
  8. See what’s happening on the Early Childhood Educators’ Day Facebook page (there are prizes to win); and
  9. Last, but definitely not least, say “thank you” to your educator at drop-off or pick-up.

If you’re searching for more inspiration, then wax-resist thank you cards, pop-up unicorns and chocolate-dipped strawberries are all gorgeous ways to share the love, but a simple “thanks” will mean a lot, too.

We’re so grateful for the efforts of our educators, in various services.

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