BubDesk the innovative way to combine work and child care

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Returning to work after having a baby can bring mixed emotions. While you may be excited about the next stage in your career, keen to earn money again or wanting to achieve specific goals, you may not be quite ready to step away from your baby and into the office.

This is where BubDesk comes in. This new service is helping parents focus on work and their wee one by creating flexible co-working spaces in child care centres.

What does BubDesk involve?

In simple terms, this service is like an Airbnb of BubDesk-friendly child care centres. This means that each partnered centre will set aside a space where parents can focus on work, while remaining in cuddling distance of their baby.

Depending on the centre, these 'parent offices' may accommodate anywhere from 1 to 10 people, and are equipped with everything you need to be productive – desks, Wi-Fi, printers/scanners and – oh yes – coffee!

To work this way, all you need to do is enrol your baby in a BubDesk-friendly child care centre then book an office space online on a casual, regular or membership basis.

A BubDesk office will cost between $28 to $50 per visit on top of your child care fees and instead of providing a long-term space, BubDesk is a great way to transition your baby, and yourself, into care over a few months.

Who uses BubDesk?

BubDesk has been adopted by a diverse community of workers in Perth, Sydney and the Sunshine Coast. Whether they're running a business, writing a thesis or transitioning back into the corporate world, it's a positive move for a wide variety of parents.

What are the main benefits of BubDesk?

This service provides the physical and mental space that working parents need to get the job done, and it's a great way to:

  1. Be productive and focus on achieving your goals
  2. Spend time with your baby and help them settle in to child care
  3. Transition back to work with less stress and more flexibility
  4. Network with other BubDesk members, drawing on a wide range of skills, services and opportunities

All in all, a parent office seems like a win-win situation and BubDesk founder, Meg Burrage, says she came up with the idea because, "I couldn't see why business or career success and family needed to be choice. I simply wanted to create a world where parents could have it all."

We like the sound of that, and if you do too, visit BubDesk for more information.

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