Before School Care services in Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven, NSW

In Shoalhaven we have 30 Before School Care services

The average cost is $11.20 hourly, $111.99 daily (10 hours)

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The average National Standard Rating (NQS) is Working towards National Quality Standard.

  Before School Care Articles & Tips

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How to choose the right OOSH service for your child

When you are choosing an OOSH service, there is a lot to think about. Location, cost, availability and your child's needs and interests

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An overview of out of school hours (OOSH) and vacation care

What do you do when the school day has finished, but your working day hasn't? How do you keep your child busy during the holidays? The answer for many working parents of school aged children is Out of School Hours Care (OOSH).

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How to meet the challenges of before and after school care

With working families facing child care challenges all over Australia, how can we reconcile the short school day with the long working week? Here, we look at some ways your family can manage the before and after school care dilemma right now.

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Alternative solutions to outside school hours care

Before and after school care programs have a lot to offer, but what if there's simply no room for your child? We explore the alternative scenarios to outside school hours care.

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What to look for in an Outside School Hours Care service

Outside School Hours Care is a huge help to many parents. It bridges the gap between school hours and work hours, covers pupil-free days, fills holidays with fun and comes to the rescue when unexpected events mess with school pick-up plans.

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The lowdown on Before and After School Care

Leaving child care and heading off to big school is a milestone in so many ways; for children it is a gateway to increased independence and for parents it means no more child care fees!!

The Shoalhaven area has 134 suburbs.

If this is not the area you are interested in, try broadening your Before School Care services search to all of Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven.