Childcare centres neglected, inspectors axed – Joe Hildebrand - August 20, 2007

CHILDREN at NSW childcare centres have been locked in storerooms, abandoned after-hours, exposed to dogs and even had to put up with a staff member's...

Fretting won't get you anywhere
Sydney Morning Herald - Adele Horin - August 18, 2007

Women in their 30s are plunging into procreation in proper disregard of the grim statistics on child-care vacancies and the gender division of housework in...

Non-medication treatment for early childhood ADHD
Lehigh University News - August 16, 2007

Project Achieve demonstrates how non-medicinal interventions are effective in treating ADHD symptoms in early childhood...

Medical centres struggle to cope with flu patients
The 7:30 Report – Scott Bevan – August 15, 2007

At this Sydney child care centre, the flu has been afflicting not only the little ones, but their carers as well...

Mattel recalls 18 million toys – August 15, 2007

US toy maker Mattel is recalling more than 18 million Chinese-made toys worldwide, including more than 460,000 in Australia, citing injuries to at least three children...

Fathers taking more care of kids
Melbourne Herald Sun – Carla Danaher – August 14, 2007

Deakin University education psychologist Helen McGrath predicts parents will be even older and childcare centres will be less popular...

Legal gender battle
Advertiser Adelaide – Greg Kelton – August 14, 2007

FEMALE lawyers are disadvantaged by inflexible work practices, lack of childcare, and court and tribunal operations, the state's top women lawyers say...

Under fives obesity attack – Joanna Vaughan – August 13, 2007

The campaign will support a range of activities including the Start Right Eat Right program already accredited in 100 child care centres around the state...

ABC Learning takes on UK group – August 13, 2007

CHILDCARE operator ABC Learning Centres Ltd has entered into an agreement, through its Busy Bees Group Ltd subsidiary, to acquire UK-based Leapfrog...

Toddlers targeted in healthy lifestyle campaign
ABC Online - August 13, 2007

The Start Right Eat Right program will allow childcare centres to become accredited by providing healthy food and promoting exercise...

Childhood Obesity
ABC Health Matters - Peter Lavelle – August 9, 2007

Junk food ads on kids TV are contributing to an epidemic of obesity in kids - so why won't the Federal Government act?

'Genius' DVDs can harm babies
ABC Health & Medical News - August 9, 2007

DVDs and videos said to stimulate babies' brains can slow vocabulary development if they are overused, US researchers report…

Breast milk vs formula debate reaches new level
ABC PM – Karen Percy - August 6, 2007

This battle goes well beyond the usual "mother's milk is best" mantra. It's a complex case, not just involving public health policy, but also trade agreements and foreign investment.

Toddlers ready for 'language explosion'
ABC Health & Medical – Will Dunham - August 3, 2007

New research suggests that toddlers' sudden spurt of language at about 18 months may have nothing to do with complex brain changes, as some people think.

Parents lose childcare bonus
Daily Telegraph - Lauren Williams and Sue Dunlevy - August 9, 2007 surveyed 500 parents and found one in five had not registered for childcare benefit…