Victoria Park Montessori Academy - Zetland  

Level 5 East Village, 2 Defries Avenue, Victoria Park - Zetland NSW 2017



About Victoria Park Montessori Academy - Zetland

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Victoria Park Montessori Academy is an exceptional Montessori early learning and long day child care centre located on Level 5 East Village, 4 Defries Avenue, Zetland NSW 2017.

Our Victoria Park child care campus is proud to deliver a modern Montessori education and preschool program for children aged six weeks to six years. Most unique about Victoria Park, Zetland Montessori, is our scientifically based approach to learning that is focused on the holistic development of the child. We believe that every child is a natural born scientist, and that the world is their laboratory.

Our role as educators is to provide our students with the educational support, learning environment, and tools they need to master the knowledge and skills that will help them achieve their full potential. Ultimately, our goal is to activate each child’s own “inner teacher” so that they actively participate and embrace education as a foundation for life.

Especially unique about Victoria Park, Zetland Montessori Academy:


  •  State-of-the-art facilities with exceptional learning environments
  •  Intensive school readiness and transition to school program
  •  Convenient and central location with easy access to Sydney City, the Inner West, and Eastern Suburbs
  •  Modern Montessori Education Program
  •  Curriculum covering: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, Art, Science, Geography and Culture
  •  Full suite of Montessori learning materials
  •  Focus on facilitating each child’s individual development journey
  • Passionate and highly trained teaching staff
  •  Holistic focus on child development

National Quality Standard Rating: Meeting National Quality Standard.

  • Long Day Care (Child Care Centre)

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National Quality Standard Rating

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Quality Area Rating
Educational Program and Practice Meeting National Quality Standard
Children's Health and Safety Meeting National Quality Standard
Physical environment Meeting National Quality Standard
Staffing Arrangements Meeting National Quality Standard
Relationships with children Meeting National Quality Standard
Collaborative partnerships with families and communities Meeting National Quality Standard
Governance and leadership Exceeding National Quality Standard

NQS Rating last updated: 21-Jul-2021

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  • Environment & Facilities
  • Food Preparation & Nutrition
  • Health & Safety
  • Learning & Developmental Programs
  • Management Staff & Supervision
  • Value for Money
  • Warmth & Empathy towards children

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Our daughter who is nearly 10 months old has been attending this centre for about a month. We could not be any happier with her transition with many great thanks to her educators and the centre manager. They are very accepting of her home routine and there has been no disruption whatsoever to it as a result of her attendance at VP Montessori. Her educators are very responsive and communicative.
Victoria Park Montessori is a great place for a kid to be in! You may want to check out the photos of the centre - and I can confirm they all valid and correct. My 2 year old son is attending this centre since end of January and I definitely see him picking up new skills. He has very nice relationship with all educators, he settled in pretty fast and overall I am happy that we were accepted by this Montessori Centre! Thanks to all the educators, Harriett and Claudine for hard work!