Fairway's Little Learners Family Day Care

Scheme: Holistic Approach Family Day Care - QLD

Registered with Holistic Approach Family Day Care - QLD - Hatton Vale QLD 4341

0466 312 213 / 5465 7052

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Awesome educator, I couldn't ask for more. Very professional and caring lady. We all love Tanya and will cherish the many years of care she has provided for my family.
Fairways Little Learners has been a wonderful Childcare service for my son. I highly recommend Tanya to anyone seeking the best for their children.
My daughter attended Fairway's Little Learners for 8 months. During this time she grew into a happy, well mannered little girl. Unfortunately we had to move away so it was very sad for us to leave. If I could I would have taken Tanya with me. My daughter attends a new childcare service now and its just not the same. I notice a difference in her everyday. Tanya is fantastic and I would gladly recommend her to any family who is looking for a happy, friendly, loving carer. We miss you Tan.
Fairway's Little Learners is exceptional, my daughter has lots of new friends and has a ball, most days I can't get her to come home. I would recommend this childcare service to anyone, because it’s nothing like those big childcare centres, here she really gets the attention she deserves.
Tanya has cared for my daughter five days a week for eight months and is fantastic, my daughter can’t wait to go to Tanya's and run's in every morning. Tanya is like a mum to Isabella, she is loving and caring and does a huge amount of activities with the children, Isabella is always bringing wonderful paintings and craft work home, I would recommend Tanya to everyone as she is the best carer my children have ever had.