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My husband and I couldn’t be more grateful to have chosen Margaret Street Early Learning Centre for our little boy. The centre is truly an extension of our family home and the care and support we have received along this emotional journey have been exceptional. Their experience, wisdom and generosity of spirit drive them to go above and beyond every single day. I would recommend the centre to every family that wants to have absolute peace of mind when their child is not with them. Thanks Margaret team for taking such good care of our little one!
Even though I was prepared to leave my child at a day care centre, it was hard to finalise one given a huge number of considerations. However, in my heart I knew that I would by my gut feeling and I knew Margaret street early learning centre was the place I would choose for my daughter the minute I walked in there. It’s a relatively small centre, but the staff is so friendly, warm and caring. The place makes you feel safe and cozy instantly, the kind of place I was happy to leave my child at while I was at work. I remember telling Larissa, that every transition a child goes through, a mother goes through as well. So, a big thank you to all the wonderful women at the centre who helped my daughter and me go through this huge transition. They were like second mothers to my baby and I knew she was safe with them while I could go to work, enjoy a coffee or just relax at home sometimes. I was in tears when I had to move my baby to another centre because we recently moved places and I wanted my daughter to be closer home. Thanks in particular to Larissa, Anna, Mariana, Jess B and Jessica😊
I think starting day care can be daunting for new parents. Leaving your child for the first time is overwhelming. All the staff at Margaret Street Early learning are, patient, kind and caring. During our orientation period we were contacted with updates, received regular story board posts and always encouraged to call in if we ever needed anything. This instantly put us at ease, my husband and I knew we had chosen the right day care for our child. All the staff work together and have built a friendly and positive environment for the kids. I have found that my little one has really grown since starting day care and is always really excited to go.
When looking for a good daycare, I took 6 or 7 different tours, and Margaret Street stood out by a mile for its warmth and friendly staff. From the outside, it didn't look too exciting (it's right in the middle of high-rise buildings, next to Wynyard station) but as soon as you walk inside, you forget that you're in the middle of the city. It's small and cosy (unlike most of the big daycares I toured), and the staff seem to know every single child by name. My daughter has now been going for nearly 3 months, and is loving it. (She started at about 10 months of age.) All the kids are happy, they eat fantastic food and learn things together. The staff are wonderful. I was originally dreading daycare, fearing I'd go back to work and worry about my baby all day - but that's never been the case. The educators have all been so kind, supportive, and they clearly love the kids. This daycare is one of a kind, and I'm so glad we found it.
I looked around at a number of day care centres before deciding on Margaret Street Early Learning Centre. It is close to Wynywrd Station so conveniently located, but more importantly, the staff are second-to-none. Larissa, Brie, Jess B and Anna in particular are absolutely wonderful. My son's face lights up when he sees any of these lovely ladies and they take such good care of him. I was very nervous about sending my son to daycare, given he was only 6 months old, but any fears I did have were soon allayed. The Margaret Street team take such good care of him and he is so happy. I love the daily updates I get as well - it's lovely to see the children interacting and learning day by day. Thanks Margaret Street Early Learning Centre team!
This centre has exceeded all my expectations and given us peace of mind from the first day my child started at this centre. The level of care, quality of staff, communication, facility, meals and curriculum has been exceptional. As a child and a parent, we couldn't ask for more.