Blue Gum Cottage Children's Centre

49 Mawson Parade - Chifley NSW 2036


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My daughter loves Blue Gum Cottage. The carers are quite nurturing and look after the kids very well. In addition to all the normal childcare activities, they do yoga & dancing and I hear all it about it from my daughter when I pick her her. My daughter is really happy at Blue Gum which makes me happy!
Blue Gum Cottage has been part of our extended family for the past 6 years with all 3 girls attending. The staff are outstanding with the care and dedication to the children. As well as lots of fun, the girls learning from the centre has been wonderful and set them up for the years ahead of them.
Blue Gum is great! All three of our daughters have been cared for over the last 5 years in both the baby room and kids room and we absolutely love the place. The staff are amazing and all my daughters have enjoyed their time there.
Both our children (4yrs and 18mo) attend Blue Gum Cottage and have come so far since starting at the centre both emotionally and developmentally. The centre is a community-run service which is inclusive and welcoming. There is a great sense of support and we are proud to call Blue Gum our family. I know that each day I drop my kids off they are happy, nurtured and cared for just as they would be at home. The staff are friendly, attentive each individual child's needs and always offer information about how the kids' day went without the need for me to ask. Couldn't recommend highly enough and so happy we found this little gem amongst all of the private centres in our surrounding area.
My daughter has been in the care of the amazing staff at the Blue Gum Cottage for the last 6 months. It is a lovely small centre, very welcoming. The staff have become like an extended family for my daughter and she just loves it there. Some days she doesn't want to leave! It is affordable and on a nice quiet street. It may not be as "sparkling" new as some other centres in the area but this is a not-for profit community based centre that has been around for 27 years. Most of the staff have been there long term and have children there themselves. All my fears about leaving my precious daughter just evaporated after spending time there and seeing how happy she is. She is just thriving.