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Fee includes Education & Developmental Programs, Meals Provided
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Scientific research and clinical studies indicate in the first seven years of life, your child’s brain develops more and faster than at any other time in their life.

The quality of a child’s earliest environments and the availability of appropriate experiences at the right stages of development are critical to brain development and the foundation for learning in later life.

That’s why choosing the right child care is critically important and NOT a decision you should take lightly.

Babies are born ready to learn, and their brains develop through use. So your child needs a stimulating and caring environment with lots of different activities that give him/her plenty of ways to play and learn, and lots of chances to practise what they are learning.

At Leap Start Early Learning Child Care, we take the responsibility in the role we play in your child’s early development years very seriously.

Your child’s well-being and development is our HIGHEST PRIORITY.

Again, scientific and clinical research indicate the use of Music, Arts and foreign Language to have a profound positive effect on a child’s early development.

Unique to Leap Start Early Learning Child Care, is our very own unique Music (“Little Symphonies”), Arts and Language program called “Accelerated Neuro Response” or otherwise known as ANR education program.

In fact, renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Nathan Hageman MD. PhD. endorsed our NEW unique education program entitled “Accelerated Neuro Response” Education Program for early childhood development

Here's what he had to say about our "Accelerate Neuro Response" Education Program for early childhood development

“I hereby endorse the Leap Start Early Learning program called the Accelerated Neuro Response (ANR) education program to stimulate early child development in a variety of cognitive, emotional, and social areas. This program focuses on early exposure to music, art, and foreign languages, which may enhance the development of fundamental neural pathways in a child’s brain that can benefit him/her for the rest of their life.

 Recent studies have shown that early learning in music, arts, and foreign language can enhance neurodevelopment of critical brain networks responsible for facilitating language development, mathematics, and reading comprehension, as well as positively impact fine motor skills, coordination, memory, focus, discipline, and self-esteem. In fact, important current research has shown that early education programs in music, arts, and foreign language can accelerate brain development and help establish and enhance early important neural networks whose activity is known to be reduced in common childhood learning and behavior disorders, such as attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia.

While most school programs move to cut back or eliminate music and art programs, current research suggests that early education in music, art, and language, such as the Leap Start Early Learning ANR education program, may provide a child with the foundation for a better academic future. Therefore, I highly recommend the Leap Start Early Learning ANR education program as an engaging and scientifically-based curriculum developed to enhance a child’s development and help him/her excel.”

So here’s 13 Great Reasons Why Parents Entrust “Leapstart Early Learning Child Care” with their Child’s Emotional, Social and Academic Development

  1. Leap Start Early Learning Child Care truly is a NEW purpose built, accredited, breakthrough concept in child care that gives your child a lifelong love of learning
  2. Hygiene and cleanliness is high on our agenda. Unlike most child care centres, Leap Start Early Learning Child Care is professionally cleaned and sanitised every single night for your child’s safety.
  3. No one running a temperature is allowed to enter the centre. Every child, parent and staff member must have their temperature taken before entry into the centre and if a temperature is detected, they are declined entry.
  4. Your child will enjoy safe structured and unstructured learning and games in the architecturally designed creek beds, tunnels, vegie garden, bird swing, rock climbing wall, sand pits, cubby house which is the envy of other centres, no expense or detail has been spared
  5. The unique innovative music-based program, “LITTLE SYMPHONIES”, led by our dedicated music teacher, sees their development soar and gives them enjoyment, fun, love of life, relaxation, release of energy and self-expression.
  6. Like most discerning parents today with children aged between 1 and 7… you want nothing more than to see your child running out the door every morning excited about getting off to child care because of all the fun things they’ll do and learn
  7. Leap Start Early Learning Child Care in Jandakot recognises these varying needs; our whole philosophy has been built around happiness and development. Our passion is your child’s emotional, social and academic progress
  8. The founders of Leap Start Early Learning Child Care have over 20 years’ experience running early learning centres here in Western Australia and a great deal of research, including world’s best early learning education practice, has gone into the creation of Leap Start Early Learning Child Care
  9. Leap Start 100% Child Happiness and Educational Development 100% Satisfaction Guarantee applies within 30 days of joining. In the unlikely event we don’t rectify things to your satisfaction you’re entitled to a full money back refund, no explanation required or questions asked.
  10. Leap Start Early Learning Child Care’s “LEARNING A SECOND LANGUAGE” program introduces Mandarin to the children in their important brain development years. Children who learn a second language between the ages of 2 and 4 are more likely to speak both fluently.
  11. Leap Start Early Learning Child Care’s “CREATIVE ARTS PROGRAM” encourages your child to explore their artistic creativity, self expression and individuality through colouring, painting and craft activities.
  12. Leap Start Early Learning Child Care’s “PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAM” which includes singing, percussion, maracas and dance let your child express themselves using musical instruments while stimulating the development of coordination and movement in fun group activities.
  13. Nationally recognised – Leap Start Early Learning Child Care was awarded a coveted rating of “Exceeding” by the Department of Local Government and Communities in 2017, considered “extremely rare” for a new child care centre!

To Book a Tour of Our State of the Art Facility and Learn About Our NEW Unique Curriculum Scientifically PROVEN to Enhance Your Child’s Early Development, Simply go to https://www.leapstartearlylearningchildcare.com.au/centre-tour-calendar/

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Reviews for Leap Start Early Learning Child Care

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Gold star 4.7 Google (46 reviews)

Lenora Ranjitkar image
B and Team over at Leaps Start were fantastic during the period (4 years) my daughter was there. The support, love and care provided were priceless; and tailored support provided at any unique circumstances were remarkable. What I admire the most is that B was incredibly responsive and gone above and beyond to make our experience as easy as possible. I appreciate hard work, dedication and commitment shown by the whole team.

Christine Abdulnour image
Would love to just share about our experience at Leapstart this past 3years. My son is Autistic and non verbal since day one this was the only place I could leave him and know he would be taken care of and Loved. The whole team went out of there way to understand and learn more and more in regards to his disability and interests. My son never even learned play skills and interacting with others till he began Daycare. He missis you all dearly and daily looks at his photos of all of you with smiles and laughter. We can never thank you all enough for your patience and care for our precious boy. Would recommend your centre to all my friends and family .

Kathryn Jeevaraj image
I highly recommend Leap Start Jandakot! I have been sending my 2 children to Leap Start for the past 4 years. It has been such a relief as a mother (and a teacher myself) to know that when my children are in their care that they are genuinely cared for and engaged in real learning. All staff, from the centre management, to educators, to catering staff show real care for the children in their care and get to know all the children individually. The kids always come home chatting about all the fun that they have had in their music, dance, visual arts and language classes. Respect for each other and the environment is also embedded in all programs. The level of care has been consistently high and any questions or concerns that we've had have been addressed in a timely manner. I have no hesitation in recommending Leap Start Early Learning.

Amanda Kehal image
Very well run Centre. With dedicated professionals implementing interesting & educational programs

India Hall image
What a lovely place! If only we’d live closer! We come here for the free monthly Saturday playgroups and they are such fun: Healthy and delicious snacks, great playground , experts to answer questions and educators who really seem to care. Love the ducks and the newest addition , the frogs. My daughter loves the big swing the best. Thank you for giving us a place to meet on the weekend!

Jacinta Van Sebille image
Leap Start is such a wonderful environment for children, from ducks, frogs to the specialist programs it offers such a great learning environment for all ages. All the educators are caring, nurturing and you can really see how much they love doing what they do! Leap Start really is the place to be!

Duncan Stewart image

jane brooks image

robyn woodvine image
Incredible daycare! We couldn't be happier with the centre. They have been so patient with our sensitive little boy, who now loves daycare and has become more confident in all aspects. I feel so safe dropping him off each day. The feel in the centre is so lovely and warm. You can tell the staff are passionate about what they do.

E Della Favory image
I highly recommend Leap Start ELCC. I have known Birgit for over 20 years and I truly admire her passion, creativity and leadership in the childcare industry. The owners are dedicated in delivering the highest level of service and creating amazing indoor and outdoor spaces for the children.

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