A waitlisting reminder…

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  Published on Tuesday, 10 November 2020

A waitlisting reminder…

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  Published on Tuesday, 10 November 2020

A very popular feature of the CareforKids.com.au website is the free waitlisting service we offer parents and providers.

This bespoke tool enables parents to quickly and easily manage all their waitlist applications via their CareforKids.com.au dashboard.

While this free resource streamlines the waitlisting process for parents by making it easier for them to keep track of multiple applications from the one location, it also improves waitlist management for providers enabling them to quickly fill vacancies and efficiently communicate with parents looking for care.

Providers receive an email notification, every time a new parent submits a waitlist application, and these applications can all be managed via the user-friendly CareforKids.com.au dashboard. 

All providers need to do is click on a link in the email notification to communicate with parents directly. It’s super quick and super easy.

To make the most of the waitlisting feature we recommend that you process any waitlist applications you receive quickly. Communicating with families soon after you receive a waitlist notification will improve your chances of filling vacancies as and when they arise.

If your waitlist is full and you have no vacancies for the foreseeable future, it's also worth contacting families to let them know so they understand the situation and don't continue to contact you. You should drop us a line as well to let us know your estimated waitlist period and we will update this on your profile.

This article is to gently remind all services using our waitlist tool about the importance of acknowledging and communicating with parents who submit a waitlist application, regardless of whether you have a current vacancy or not. 

In the last months we have been contacted by a number of frustrated parents, claiming that their waitlist application hasn’t been acknowledged or acted on.

We understand that in many instances this is likely to be as a result of disruptions caused by COVID-19 but wanted to remind providers about the importance of acknowledging all waitlist applications to ensure they are filling vacancies quickly.

Please note that the CareforKids.com.au waitlisting service is an opt out service which is currently available to all long day care and family day care services and is automatically available via your profile.

If you have your own waitlisting on-line tool, which you would prefer we link to via the profile on your CareforKids.com.au listing, please just let us know by emailing support@careforkids.com.au.

Once we hear from you we can update your details to ensure a more streamlined waitlisting process and make it quick and easier for parents to secure care with your service. 

This child care article was last reviewed or updated on Sunday, 08 November 2020