Father's Day gift ideas

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  Published on Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Father's Day gift ideas

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  Published on Tuesday, 29 August 2017

With Father's Day just around the corner (Sunday 3 September) we thought a bunch of cool craft based gift ideas might be the order of the day.

A couple of these projects need to be done in stages, which is why we've given you a bit of extra lead time.

Loose change tray - A perfect gift for the dad who loses everything. Easy to make and suitable for very young children.

King Dad crown - The kids will enjoy making and decorating these cool golden crowns, which can be as simple or as fancy as your supplies and time frame permit.

Plaster handprints - This activity requires a few materials but results in a gift dads will treasure forever. Kids can add the final touches by painting the dried plaster of Paris.

Tie painting - A quick and easy idea which makes a great gift for dads who work in an office.

Can cooler - The ultimate Australian accessory: a stubbie holder, craft foam is the main ingredient of this project which would be great fun for older kids.

Mug warmer - For dads who prefer their beverages warm. This project substitutes foam for felt and would work best for older kids.

Golf cart pen holder - This activity uses simple supplies and makes a fun present for desk bound dads dreaming of lazy days on a golf course.

DAD photo frame - Print some digital prints of the children in your service to glue into the centre of these bright colourful picture frames.

Garden plaque - Another activity which may require you to order in supplies but which has a lovely final result and would make a great gift for all garden mad dads.

Craft foam photo frame - This picture frames uses foam and can be decorated with anything you have handy. Sending the frames home with a picture taken in your service will be the perfect final touch.

These craft ideas (and plenty of others) can be found on Activity Village.

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