Christmas crafts - 2018

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  Published on Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Christmas crafts - 2018

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  Published on Tuesday, 27 November 2018

This is it, the last week of November and now just the headlong rush to Christmas and the summer holidays. Given how busy and tiring this time of the year is, and hot everyone is right now, it can be helpful to plan some peaceful downtime activities.

Christmas crafts are a fun and easy way to while away some hours in the middle of the day and this week we've curated a list of 10 ideas to try with the children in your service.

Felt Christmas trees - bright, colourful and full of texture, these easy Christmas trees are a good way to use up any left over felt or fabric you have in your craft cupboard.

Bauble cards - Another cost-effective paper based activity, resulting in a pretty gift card the children can give to their parents.

Papier Mache ornaments - Everyone loves papier mache, the sensation of sticky glue and squish paper is hard to beat. This is a great activity, which you can work on over a few days.

Wall art - Drawing on the walls is usually forbidden, but in this activity children can draw on the walls to their heart's content. Use Christmas colours to encourage the seasonal themes to shine.

Snowman masks - If you are planning an end of year concert then these simple paper plates masks would make excellent props. Each mask can be as individual as the child who makes it.

Pipe cleaner garlands - A great activity for fine motor development in young children, these garlands can be as colourful and sparkly as the pipe cleaners you have on hand.

Christmas bells - You'll need a bit more equipment for this project, which is probably more suited to older children. But the jingly bells make this a lovely festive activity.

Easy glue snowys - These snow people require a bit of drying time, so it's probably best to program this activity before lunch or naptime.

Stockings - Consider buying a stack of cheap stockings to make this project easier for the younger children, then all you need is glue and bling to decorate them.

Santa faces - The template for this Santa face is included on the web page and you can use any supplies on hand to decorate this cheery Santa.

Thanks to All Free Christmas Crafts and Activity Village for these fun craft ideas.

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