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Published on Tuesday, 31 May 2022
Last updated on Tuesday, 31 May 2022

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At Care for Kids, we have just launched our brand new phone tracking feature and you may have started receiving some new emails from us about your Centre’s phone enquiries.


Here is everything you need to know about our new phone tracking. We are super excited about this feature and hope you will be too!


What is phone tracking?


Phone tracking helps your Centre properly acquire and manage leads that come from your listing on Care for Kids and Toddle. Now, when a parent uses Care for Kids or Toddle to call one of our multi-list subscribers, we are able to see what number they call from, if the call was answered/unanswered, and filter this information back to you in order for you to have more information regarding your Care for Kids Group lead.


The first thing you may have noticed is that your phone number on our sites is now different. This is the only way we are able to offer you this lead tracking functionality to you. The phone number itself is managed by us, but each Centre receives their own unique number, so you are still the only Centre with that phone number.


What is included in the phone tracking lead email?


You may have also noticed that now you are receiving more emails from us about this service. You will receive this email when a parent calls your Centre after a phone reveal via Care for Kids or Toddle. This email details whether the call was answered, the date and time of the call, the phone number that made the call, and a voice recording of the call. Missed the call? You will have the opportunity to now return this call as you will have the phone number (unless the caller has a private or hidden number).


The phone call recordings are a great asset to your service as not only can they be used for lead acquisition, but also for lead management and training. If you’re wondering why leads aren’t getting maximised or questioning the quality of your leads, this service can be a good first step to uncovering how leads are being managed.


You can use these recordings to retrain reception staff on lead management, as well as listening to the parents in your area about their needs and requirements for childcare.


The email you have linked to your Care for Kids and Toddle account is the email where all the phone tracking information will be sent to. It may be a great idea to set this up as a forwarding service to a Centre Director or Centre Manager, so they can monitor leads and general enquiries.


How do I know that a call has been forwarded by Care for Kids?


When receiving a call via our phone tracking feature, you will hear a short whisper at the beginning of the call stating, “Hi, you are receiving an enquiry from a Care for Kids user”.

From a parent perspective, the only thing they will hear differently is a brief automated tone informing them that “this phone call will be recorded…”.


Overall, this new  phone tracking feature from Care for Kids and Toddle, is a great way to turn a family from an enquiry to enrolment in your centre and to receive additional support in how to manage and follow up on phone leads.





1. Is the phone tracking a feature on Care for Kids only, or Toddle as well?

Our phone tracking feature is available to our multi-list subscribers across Care for Kids and Toddle. Although, the phone tracking email will only come from Care for Kids.


2. Do the enquiries highlight which platform the call was made from?

No, the enquiries are not broken down by platform.


3. Can I opt out of phone tracking?

Phone tracking is now a part of a subscription on Care for Kids and Toddle, which means you cannot opt out of phone tracking. Phone tracking is a new Care for Kids Group feature that will complement our current subscription offering in order to assist you with lead tracking and providing value to your service.


4. Can I opt out of the recording?

Yes, you can if you wish. There are many benefits of the phone recording to Centres, including training and coaching purposes as well as determining which leads come through via Care for Kids. However, if you find the service is not working for you contact to opt-out.


5. Where are the recorded conversations sent (i.e. what email address)?

Recordings are sent to the email address associated with your Care for Kids and Toddle subscription. However, you can have this service sent to multiple emails. We recommend also having phone tracking data sent to Centre Directors or Centre Managers, to aid with training purposes and to examine the leads provided to your service by Care for Kids.


6. Does phone tracking form part of the monthly reporting?
Yes, phone tracking will now be a part of the monthly reporting provided to you by Care for Kids.


7. Why is the phone number displayed on my profile different to what our actual Centre phone number is?

In order to provide you with this capability to track your Care for Kids leads from phone reveal through to enrolment, we use a solution that enables call forwarding. This system provides the ability for you to measure the value of a phone reveal on Care for Kids, as well as return any unanswered calls. This local phone number will always route through to your Centre including the client information such as, phone numbers, call time and date, and the voice recording. It is a call forwarding service, so all your calls will still come to your Centre.


8. Does it feed into my CRM?

No, the new phone tracking service does not feed into CRM.


9. Do I have to pay extra for this?

No, phone tracking will now form a standard part of all our multi-list subscriptions! The cost of this additional feature is completely covered by Care for Kids as part of your subscription.


Got another question? Reach out to for any other questions, queries, thoughts or feedback!

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