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Dietitian APD MND, wife and mother of 3 young scrumptious humans, Tanya has spent close to two decades working across private practice and corporate health throughout Australia. 

After 10 years of working with senior executives in health, at ages where health behaviours and preferences were fairly set in stone, Bite Nutrition was born and is now more than 17 years young.

Bite Nutrition is cutting through the noise to introduce, influence and inspire the next generation to make balanced decisions about their nutritional health and wellbeing whilst being mindful of the environment + sustainability.

The most important time of life is the first five years for developing healthy habits and ensuring the best possible health outcomes. Bite Nutrition focuses on developing credible resources, tools, and products to support parents in this very important mission.

Care for Kids is excited to invite Tanya to our panel of experts, sharing recipes, up-to-date information and her extensive knowledge around all things parenting, nutrition and keeping us creating beautiful food with minimal fuss! 

For more information on Tanya and Bite Nutrition you can head to the website, and follow their Instagram and Facebook.


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