Air fryer scrolls | Vegemite and cheese

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Whether you're after a quick, hot bite to eat on a cold afternoon, a playdate snack, a weekend brunch or to be the master of lunchboxes, these air fryer scrolls will be popular with your children, their friends and possibly even your entire family.

This recipe is highly adaptable and can be made to suit all kinds of cuisines, including vegetarian, gluten free and vegan diets, depending on the puff pastry you have chosen to use. With so many varieties available, there's no reason why everyone can't be enjoying air fryer scrolls regularly.


Tools and time: 

  • 10 minutes prep time, 12 minutes cook time 
  • Air fryer
  • Spatula for spreading
  • Cheese grater
  • Knife


  • 1 cup of grated cheese
  • Vegemite
  • Puff pastry (defrosted)


  • Lay out defrosted pastry sheets 
  • Spread vegemite over entire sheet
  • Sprinkle cheese across pastry
  • Roll into long log
  • Slice it 5 times to create 6 scrolls 
  • Lay scrolls onto their bottoms (open side down) and gently press
  • Cook in air fryer for 12 minutes or until brown and crisp

Filling variations:

Deli delights:  

  • Ham: Sliced ham, cheese and mayonnaise. 
  • Strass: Tomato sauce, strass and cheese
  • Meat lovers: Pizza sauce. bacon pieces, salami and cheese

Vegetarian options

  • Veggie pizza: Pizza sauce, leftover vegetables (peas, corn, carrot) and cheese. 
  • Very cheese-y: Cream cheese, tasty cheese, parmesan cheese.
  • Garlic lovers: Garlic pesto, baby spinach, tasty cheese. 

Vegan options:

*vegan pastry is available at all leading supermarkets

  • Pizza scrolls: Garlic, tomato, onion, facon and vegan cheese.
  • Vegetable delight: Baby spinach, sundried tomato, mushroom, vegan cheese
  • Plain but pesto: Vegan basil pesto and vegan smoked mozzarella cheese

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