Pre-Schools/Kindergartens in NSW

In New South Wales we have 2,137 Pre-Schools/Kindergartens

The average cost is $6.10 hourly, $61.04 daily (10 hours)

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The average National Standard Rating (NQS) is Meeting National Quality Standard.

  Pre-school/Kindergarten Articles & Tips

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What is pre-school?

An overview of pre-school including what it is, who it is for, how it is different to child care, operating hours, how much it costs and how to find a service

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First day at pre-school

Tips and tricks for planning and preparing for your child's first day at pre-school including what to expect, how to prepare and how to make it special.

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How educators help children prepare for big school

Starting school is a transition that's shared by all children. It involves settling into a new routine, navigating a new environment and learning new things. While it’s a universal experience, each child will approach the transition in their own way

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Expert advice to help your child transition to school

In this interview with Dr Kate Highfield from Early Childhood Australia, parents will learn strategies for supporting preschoolers to transition to big school despite absences and disruption caused by COVID-19

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Preparing your child for school

Preparing your child for the transition to 'big' school including what to expect, what you can do to help and ideas for improving your child's school readiness

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The ins and outs of preschool

All children are entitled to attend 600 hours of a high quality preschool program in the year before starting school. Learn how preschool varies from long day care and what it costs to attend

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The transition from child care to pre-school and school

Transitioning to pre-school or school from a beloved child care centre is a big milestone for children. Planning and preparation can help ensure a positive experience

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Top Tips to Help your Pre-schooler Thrive at Big School

Tips and tricks for ensuring your pre-schooler thrives at ‘big’ school, including school readiness, what to expect and how you can support your child

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Interesting research around school readiness

A child's thinking and language skills, emotional maturity and physical health are all used to determine their preparedness for big school, but new research suggests that these individual capacities shouldn’t be the only focus.

The capital of NSW is Sydney. New South Wales has 28 regions.