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My name is Tracy and I am an accredited family nutritionist, picky eating expert, and founder of Be Well Nourishment Family Nutrition. I provide specialised nutrition and feeding therapy support to children and adolescents struggling with picky eating, feeding issues and limited diets, with a passion for promoting healthy eating habits and positive relationships with food among families.

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Hi! I'm Tracy!

Being a nutritionist and the parent of a neurodiverse child, I understand the associated challenges that can make it difficult to ensure our children are getting the nutrients they need to support healthy growth and development. I also know how desperate parents can be to seek out food-based solutions that may improve their child’s health, only to wind up feeling overwhelmed, confused, and alone, when no one seems to be able to provide clear answers as to why their child won't eat.

I am passionate about working with parents who want to improve their families health, as well as supporting children and adolescents with picky eating and feeding difficulties to help them become confident and adventurous eaters! Combining my scientific knowledge of nutrition with practical feeding therapy techniques, I aim to help my clients achieve a wholesome and nutritious diet, without losing the wonderful enjoyment that food brings.

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The Crucial Role of Early Childhood Nutrition in Child Health

Early childhood nutrition lays the foundation for lifelong health and well-being. During the formative years of infancy and early childhood, proper nutrition is not just a matter of growth and development; it profoundly impacts physical, cognitive, and emotional development. The importance of early childhood nutrition cannot be underestimated, as it sets the stage for healthy habits, optimal brain development, and resilience against disease later in life.


Should You Be Concerned If Your Child Prefers Beige Foods?

Picky eating is a common phase many children go through, often causing parents to worry about their child's nutrition and health. One characteristic that can raise eyebrows is when a child consistently prefers beige foods—think pasta, bread, crackers, and potatoes—over colourful fruits, vegetables, and proteins. While it's natural to be concerned about your child's diet, understanding the reasons behind their food preferences and how to address them can help alleviate some of those worries.