Budget hook for working parents
Brisbane Times - Kerry-Anne Walsh - May 6, 2007

Parents receiving child-care rebates are to get extra help, and the 30 per cent tax rebate for out-of-pocket child-care expenses is tipped to change, to allow weekly or fortnightly...

PM's $8000 family gift
Sunday Telegraph - Glen Milne - May 6, 2007

FAMILIES are to be offered up to $8000 per child in a one-off election year sweetener to reduce the cost of child care. The payment, which could benefit up...

Taxing times for toiling mums
NEWS.com.au - Sue Dunlevy - May 04, 2007

Mothers do 70 per cent of the housework and more than 90 per cent of the childcare. Now it seems they're also paying tax at three times the rate of their...

Day care blamed for sick babies
Courier Mail - Tamara McLean - May 03, 2007

Rising day care use in Australia has been blamed for infections being the leading reason babies and toddlers are admitted to hospital.

Fighting obesity... we'll drink to that
Geelong Advertiser - Simon Gladman - May 3, 2007

A new program, sweeping through 35 schools and 46 childcare centres and kindergartens in the region, aims to dramatically change eating, drinking and...

Costello flags family friendly budget
NEWS.com.au - Malcolm Farr, Mark Kenny - May 03 , 2007

Tuesday's Federal Budget will bring bonuses for middle income households and working parents who depend on child care. It also will pay doctors more to make...

Need for child care isn't going to go away
The Age - Dewi Cooke - May 2, 2007

Child care is a high priority for Juliette Brodsky, her partner, Francis Grey, and children Leo and Paloma. Community child care centres have been given a...

Reasoned approach to care can boost workforce
Sydney Morning Herald - Tanya Plibersek - May 2, 2007

Australia has a shortage of skilled workers. It is because we've had a decade of Federal Government neglect of our TAFE and university sectors,...

Youngest losing out in childcare
NEWS.com.au - Mark Schliebs - April 30, 2007

Childcare places for children under three may become increasingly rare due to the high cost associated with providing the mandated level...

Baby leave plan a nightmare, says Howard
Brisbane Times - Australia - Mark Davis - April 30, 2007

LABOR'S plan to give working parents rights to request extra parental leave and flexible working hours would be the 'ultimate nightmare' for small business...

ALP pledges more time off to care for infants
Brisbane Times - Kerry-Anne Walsh - April 29, 2007

PARENTS would have the legal right to demand flexible working hours in the first five years of their children's lives in a radical work policy unveiled by...

PM warns of Labour threat
Melbourne Herald Sun - Gerard McManus - April 30, 2007

WOMEN with children would be at the bottom of the pile of job applicants under a Labor plan, Prime Minister John Howard said yesterday.

Right to ask, and right to refuse
The Age, Australia - Misha Schubert - April 30, 2007

BOSSES who refuse to let parents work flexible hours while their children are young would not have to justify their decision to any independent authority...

Nanny care a cheaper option
Advertiser - Adelaide - April 30, 2007

Tanya Cole, manager of agency Nanny SA, said the rising cost of child care had seen a growing number of parents preferring to employ a nanny to look after...

Drought town's final insult
Daily Telegraph - Samantha Williams - April 26, 2007

To add more pressure, Booligal's isolated rural mothers face losing one of the only services left in town – childcare. For the past 25 years the Hay Mobile...