The alpha preschoolers
Sydney Morning Herald - Ella Mudie - February 15, 2008

Currently teaching at Petersham's Greek Orthodox Community Child Care Centre, she's one of 20 teachers working in Australia on a Greek Government-sponsored...

Nannies mother mums to ward off the blues – February 12, 2008

The opening of the new Mater Mothers' Hospital in August this year will bring with it a ward nannies program, where experienced volunteers will give new mums support and guidance through the first weeks of their child's life...

MPs allowed to vote while breastfeeding
Melbourne Herald Sun – February 11, 2008

While the resolution is designed to make parliament more family-friendly, the issue of constructing a childcare at Parliament House remains unresolved...

Toddlers 'at risk' from curriculum that forces them to use computers
Daily Mail (UK) – Laura Clark – February 6, 2008

Dr Sigman believes under-threes should not watch TV at all, while viewing should be severely restricted for older children... Pre-school children now spend three times longer in front of a television or computer than they spend reading…

Brumby announces childcare reforms
The Age - February 6, 2008

Victorian parents will be able to check the safety record of childcare centres online under reforms announced by Premier John Brumby...

Kinder kids to get 'transition' reports
The Age – David Rood and Bridie Smith – February 6, 2008

PARENTS will be given a detailed report of their child's learning and social development at kindergarten, as the Brumby Government sharpens its focus in early childhood education...

Babies absorb chemicals from shampoo
ABC Online - Health & Medical News – February 5, 2008

Parents are advised to limit their baby's exposure to shampoo, lotions and powder after a new study found chemicals from babycare products in their urine…

Child care must be made affordable
The Age – Prof. Russell Smyth – February 5, 2008

DURING the election, the Labor Party promised big things for child care: 260 more child-care centres and $1.5 billion on increasing the child-care tax ...

Hands-on parents strike better chord
Melbourne Herald Sun – Fay Burstin – February 5, 2008

Many parents assumed Wiggles and Hi-5 music "must be good" because they were often played in preschools and childcare centres, but the key was to be present rather than use them to babysit...

Family faces big decision as costs keep going up
Sydney Morning Herald – Jacob Saulwick - February 5, 2008

Child-care costs have been one of the biggest contributors to an inflation rate that is racing ahead of the Reserve's comfort zone....

Push to improve education standards
ABC Online - February 4, 2008

An expanded Board could be given the role of monitoring academic standards from preschool to year 12 and maintaining curriculum frameworks as well as the...

Happy in care: it's in the hormones
Sydney Morning Herald - Adele Horin - February 2, 2008

CHILDREN from loving homes are stressed when placed in poor quality child-care centres, new scientific evidence reveals. But children from disadvantaged ...

Schoolkids want fare go
Melbourne Herald Sun – Susie O’Brien - February 1, 2008

The findings come as a revolutionary new program in more than 1000 Victorian schools, kinders and childcare centres has brought about a remarkable...

Report finds ACT has longest emergency waiting times
ABC Online – January 31, 2008

... benchmarks for reading, writing and numeracy. But in the area of child care, centre based long-day care was more expensive in the ACT than anywhere else.

Govt services lacking in Indigenous health, education: report
ABC Online - January 31, 2008

... child spending about 11 hours a week at pre-school. Federal Government-funded childcare places have increased by 4.5 per cent, to more than 600000 places.