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November 27, 2018
Welcome, this week ideas to help you understand and appropriately respond to incidents of biting, Christmas craft ideas and a holiday message just for you!
Understanding and responding to biting
Reporting instances of biting is never easy, and the news can be shocking for the parents of both the biter and the bitten. As all educators understand, biting is a natural developmental stage for many young children aged 1-3 years old and the causes and motivations can vary significantly.

It's important to take a whole-of-service approach to managing children who bite and to try not to become angry or frustrated. The Early Childhood Research Hub has compiled a comprehensive resource describing the most common causes of biting as well as a range of positive responses educators can employ to address the problem.
Christmas crafts
This is it, the last week of November and now just the headlong rush to Christmas and the summer holidays. Given how busy and tiring this time of the year is, and hot everyone is right now, it can be helpful to plan some peaceful downtime activities.

Christmas crafts are a fun and easy way to while away some hours in the middle of the day and this week we've curated a list of 10 ideas to try with the children in your service.
Happy Holidays
from the team at
I don't know about you, but it would be fair to say that everyone here in the office is exhausted and ready for a break! As our final issue for the year, we thought we'd take a moment to reflect on and recognise some of the enhancements we've made this year, and to acknowledge that we wouldn't be here without your ongoing support and commitment.

2018 has been an extraordinary year for the early childhood sector, the introduction of the single Child Care Subsidy affected every single one of you and has provided a forum for a rethink on how child care services are delivered (hello sessional care!). At the same time oversupply has meant many providers have struggled to meet their occupancy targets, and we've worked hard to make it easier for services to promote their vacancies and showcase unique features.

Other changes we've introduced this year to support early childhood providers include:
2019 is going to be another big one for us and we look forward to continuing our close relationship with you, our outstanding community of early childhood professionals.

Until then, stay safe and enjoy your well-deserved break.

Happy Holidays

Roxanne, Mark and the team.
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