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March 13, 2018
Welcome, this week a thought provoking opinion piece by ACECQA's Michael Petrie which asks why early childhood education and care is still undervalued. Friday is Australia's National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence and we've got some strategies for stamping out bullying behaviours in your service, also learn about our enhanced search for Casual and Flexible care and how it could benefit your service.
Casual Days
Delivering more flexible care to families
In line with more opportunities for flexible work come more demands for more flexible and responsive early childhood services. To accommodate this growing market is launching a new and improved version of our Occasional Care search.

Our revamped Occasional, Casual or Flexible Care search enables parents to book sessional care at short notice, and on an as-needs basis. Families can make bookings with providers they are currently enrolled with, as well as those they aren't.

A growing number of apps and CCMS systems are available to support parents who want to make casual and occasional bookings with providers. We predict the market for casual and occasional care will increase as parents become accustomed to this highly responsive way of delivering early childhood education and care services and we will support providers seeking to take advantage of this.

What you need to know:
Parents can now book occasional, casual or flexible care via the website. Using our powerful search capabilities, we will link to bespoke apps, CCMS providers, and child care services web pages to allow for easy enrolment and booking of casual spots.

If you offer occasional, casual and or flexible care at your service, please update your profile to indicate this and we will display the second set of vacancies in your profile along with links to how parents can book. This ensures parents looking for casual care will see both your permanent vacancies and your casual spots. To this end, it's very important to log in to your profile regularly and keep your vacancy information up-to-date. is running an education campaign, which includes newsletter articles, email and social campaigns, to inform parents about the flexibility afforded by occasional care and to showcase the providers offering this service.

If you need assistance with updating your profile to include Occasional, Flexible or Casual care please contact
The hardest question in early childhood: Raising the profile
by ACECQA's Michael Petrie
Educators always ask a lot of questions.

At a recent workforce conference on the importance of quality vocational training in the early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector I was asked a number of questions about changes to the National Quality Framework (NQF) and National Quality Standard (NQS), the rate of assessment and rating of services across the country, plus the ongoing training provided to the jurisdiction-based authorised officers who make those assessments.

All good questions.
Stamping out Bullying in Early Childhood Services
Friday this week (16 March) is Australia's National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, the key anti-bullying event for schools and communities. While bullying is not typically ascribed to children in the early years, bullying behaviours can start to appear as children start socialising and learning to relate to each other and witnessing how their behaviours impact others.

Learning how to relate to other people is one of the most important skills children learn in in the young years, and early childhood services are often the first opportunity children have to independently interact with people outside their immediate families. This gives early childhood educators an important and influential role in teaching children how to build positive and inclusive relationships.
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