Mother Duck Childcare Kallangur (0-3 years)

Mother Duck Childcare Kallangur (0-3 years)
1370 Anzac Avenue, Kallangur, QLD, 4503
5.0 Average score
Opening Hours 6.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday
Licensed for 95 Children

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Welcome to Mother Duck Childcare Kallangur (0-3 years)

Welcome to Mother Duck Child Care Kallangur

We provide early childhood education and care across two closely-situated locations. Each location offers a different experience and choice for families. At Anzac Avenue, we enrol children from birth to three years old. The Centre fosters a sense of community with the studios facing a naturally-landscaped playground area and a “restaurant” space for children to relax and enjoy our chef-prepared meals. Our Brewer Street Kindergarten Studio provides large, natural paly spaces along with well resourced indoor studios to promote inquiry-based learning to prepare our children for formal schooling.

Centre Features

At Mother Duck Kallangur, we offer the very best in play-based learning with these additional features to ensure that we put your child first in a beautiful and highly nurturing environment.

  • Qualified Chef - We have a qualified Chef, Renee, who works full time in the kitchen cooking all the meals across the centre.
  • Free Yoga Program - We run a Yoga program each Tuesday to the children in each studio, from nursery all the way to our Kindergarten (This is free of charge to all families of the children who attend Tuesday’s)
  • Two Locations - Our service is split over two centres. Our centre on Brewer Street is a designated Kindergarten service which runs our full kindergarten program. It has spacious natural outdoor play areas and rich learning environments within.
  • Our Restaurant - We have a designated “Restaurant” room that the children have access to at all times from 8am-4:30pm. We recognise that all children aren’t hungry at the same time each day and their routines all look different from one another. By having this restaurant open and accessible to all children at all times throughout the day, they are able to start self-regulating and recognising their needs. Children progressively access this area for meals when they are hungry, this is supported by our team of dedicated educators.

Play-Based Learning to Prepare Each Child for Success

We believe in providing an educational program that:

  • Encourages play-based learning, building the foundation for success at school and throughout life
  • Builds a positive attitude to learning and fosters a child’s holistic development
  • Allows a sense of independence to develop
  • Supports children in making friends and positive connections
  • Includes time to explore, investigate, experiment and wonder

We supply:

  • Healthy, allergy-friendly lunch and snacks
  • Nappies

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Mother Duck Childcare Kallangur (0-3 years) Service features

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Mother Duck Childcare Kallangur (0-3 years) service include:

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What the parents say

What the parents say

Archer has been coming to Mother Duck since he was around 8 months old and he has had many educators and has loved them all. You know you’re sending your child to a good place where they’re well looked after when they’re happy to go each morning.

Chrystal - Parent 

My daughter has been here since she was 7 months old and since our first visit, I knew it would be a great place for her. She is now almost 4 and I still couldn’t ask for a better facility and educators. I’m forever grateful for how kind everyone is to my child (and me), and for the extra skills she’s developed 

Kayla - Parent 

Mother Duck has been like a 2nd family to us, providing the best care and love to our children for many, many years. 

Elly - Parent 

My wife has been meticulous in preparing for her return to work and spent a massive amount of time going to different childcare centres in the area to find the best. After a visit to Mother Ducks her mind was made up and since our kids have started going I feel the same. 

Gavin - Parent


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Mother Duck Childcare Kallangur (0-3 years)
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1370 Anzac Avenue
Kallangur, QLD, 4503
National Quality Standard Rating
Overall Exceeding
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Educational Program and Practice Exceeding
Children's Health and Safety Meeting
Physical environment Meeting
Staffing Arrangements Exceeding
Relationships with children Exceeding
Collaborative partnerships with families and communities Meeting
Governance and leadership Exceeding

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My friend's son attends this school. The kids seem to enjoy it, and the parents have a great reputation for it too.

Would recommend to a friend
Michael Yonezuka
Dec, 2023


Crystal-jane image
Jan, 2023

Our son has been attending MD Kallangur since he was 18months old and it truly is a 'home away from home'. All the staff, from... Read more

Allan Hall (Whallan) image
Allan Hall (Whallan)
Jan, 2023