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Fees Approved service for CCS
Price $125 /day
Fee includes Education & Developmental Programs, Meals Provided, Nappies

2 yrs to 3 yrs

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Fees Approved service for CCS
Price $125 /day
Fee includes Education & Developmental Programs, Meals Provided, Nappies

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Fees Approved service for CCS
Price $115 /day
Fee includes Education & Developmental Programs, Meals Provided, Nappies


Conveniently located on The Northern Road, our Narellan centre is a unique boutique centre creating a warm and caring environment. Open all year round this centre provides long daycare for children between the ages 6 weeks to 6 years.

Reflecting the family-orientated nature of Narellan, this boutique centre is built on the love of children’s learning. The indoor spaces flow to the outdoor area making learning seamless, safe and stimulating. Each of our learning spaces at our Early Learning centres allows for children to explore, discover and learn in both individual and group settings. The outdoor area at the childcare centre is equipped with resources such as a sandpit and garden, allowing children explore within a natural environment

Led by our passionate educators, our Evolution and Transition to School program consists of various forms of play, such as physical, dramatic, sensory, nature, music, art and age-appropriate play. Children can integrate different ways of learning by using real-life experiences in a new situation, which is essential for building life skills.

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National Quality Standard Rating

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Overall Provisional
Educational Program and Practice Provisional
Children's Health and Safety Provisional
Physical environment Provisional
Staffing Arrangements Provisional
Relationships with children Provisional
Collaborative partnerships with families and communities Provisional
Governance and leadership Provisional
NQS rating last updated 11-Aug-2022

Reviews for Young Academics Early Learning Centre - Narellan

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Kate Chushenko image
My daughter started attending young Academics at Narellan When she turned 9 months, I was extremely worried at the beginning, Letting go of your child into someone else's care is never easy especially at such a young age. But we found the most welcoming and very heart warming educators, they have so much care and love to share, my little one so happy to go there, and when we entering the room at the morning her big smile says everything. And just to give parents a peace of mind they always updating the journal with photos/ meals/ naps/ toileting. I think first of all, I have to thank the team for such a hard work and safe environment for my baby.

Carly Castelino image
My child started in the under 2s room recently. I was previously hesitant to enrol due to poor reviews/word of mouth. However, our experience has been nothing but positive. The room is well organised and there is a clear routine. The staff are friendly and professional often asking questions about my child and giving information requested freely. Plenty of photo communication through easy to use app.

Kate C image
My girls are so happy at YA Narellan. The teachers are kind and the activities fun, lots of mess and sensory play. The director is super approachable and keen to problem solve any issues that arise. My girls are excited to go and often don’t want to leave so that says a lot! I took a star away because the centre does still struggle with inclusivity for my daughter with disability … they want to improve it’s just taking some time. They are however always open to conversation about how to adjust things.

Aimee Lauc image
Have had my daughter enrolled here for almost two years and have had a very positive experience. The educators are always loving and attentive towards her and there are a lot of opportunities for the kids to learn and get involved in a heap of different activities.

Rebekah Crossley image
My eldest son has been attending this day care centre since November 2021 and we have had such a wonderful experience. There has neen many staff changeovers and that was a great cause for concern for me, however I feel that the communication provided in regards to the staff fluctuations and where the center is now, it has been navigated in the best way possible.

Stephanie Brisbane image
Sadly this centre has gone downhill fast since the departure of the previous Centre Director. (She was fantastic!) The current staff are all either new, a casual or clueless. I am qualified in early childhood myself and previously worked in the sector for many years - so I know what the job requires. The staff at the centre now don’t seem to be engaging with the children at all- and all of the play is only child/child- no facilitator involvement or interaction. I have great doubts about them even running a school ready program. I would like to know more- but no one on close seems to be able to say anything. My greatest concern is the attitude towards Dads. A very poor attitude towards males has been demonstrated on numerous occasions and I have real concerns about how that attitude is influencing my children. Very very disappointed

Sukhdeep Kaur image
l’ve never felt so ashamed and disappointed in a child care centre They staff are not there to care for your child they are there to get paid and go home. When I go to drop my kids there is to much mass around we’re other kids playing and so dirty and teachers sand to next which she don’t care some kids eating there in dirty places. After when I go to pick up my kids my kids nappies not change and they so hungry and crying. I ask them did you give milk or any food for girls they say not yet. They not give any thing to eat my kids. After we come home My elder daughter was very sick she have sore throat and fever and she still running nose badly. Then I told my husband say we are not send my kids there. I call them they say you guys have to pay next 4 week

Hawinder Singh image
One of the worst places and teachers is careless.everywhere is mess and kids crying and teachers don’t care. They don’t know what they doing. 2 day when we bring us kids home my kids to much sick and still 3 week my kids poorly running nose. My kids just go only 2 day

Nathan Stratford image
One of the worst place ever do not send your kids there teacher asleep on the chair the room is always a mess it does not look clean the teacher does not know what she is doing the do the same thing everyday and coming home with bite marks on him and we are not told about it

Jacqui Osborne image

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