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Mini Masterminds Schofields
49 - 51 St Albans Rd, Schofields, NSW, 2762
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  • We believe in the power of play. Our curriculum is designed to foster creativity, imagination, and cognitive development through hands-on, play-based activities.
  • Our center boasts a team of highly qualified and experienced educators dedicated to providing quality care and education for your child.
  • We provide balanced and nutritious meals prepared onsite, promoting healthy eating habits and supporting your child's growth and development.
Welcome to Mini Masterminds Schofields

Welcome to Mini Masterminds Schofields, where little minds blossom into big thinkers! Opening its doors in 2024, Mini Masterminds Schofields is dedicated to providing nurturing childcare for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years old.

At Mini Masterminds Schofields, we believe in a contemporary early learning approach that goes beyond traditional childcare. Our innovative curriculum is designed to inspire curiosity, foster creativity, and ignite a love for learning in every child. We offer a range of premium extracurricular activities tailored to enrich your child's experience, including Mini Linguistics, Mini Chefs, Mini Champions, Mini Swim Stars, and Mini Yoga.

Our School Readiness Program is meticulously crafted to ensure that your little ones are fully prepared for the exciting journey ahead as they transition to big school. With a focus on developing essential skills and building confidence, our program provides a seamless transition that sets the stage for academic success.

At Mini Masterminds Schofields, we are committed to creating a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment where every child feels valued, empowered, and encouraged to reach their full potential. Our passionate educators are dedicated to nurturing the unique talents and abilities of each child, guiding them on a path of discovery and exploration.

Join us at Mini Masterminds Schofields and embark on a journey of learning, growth, and endless possibilities for your little one. Together, we'll shape a brighter future, one Mini Mastermind at a time.

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Age Group: 6 weeks – 2 years

Focus: Emergent Language, Beginning Relationships

Mini Masterminds takes pride in partnering with parents during their child’s first childcare experience. Our outstanding nursery program provides a nurturing environment where infants explore, learn, and grow under the loving care of our educators. From tummy time to crawling and walking, every milestone is celebrated in our safe and engaging nursery rooms.

Program Features:

  • Language Development: Encouraging enjoyable interactions and responding sensitively to babies' communication cues.
  • Physical Development: Providing baby gym equipment to encourage exploration and gross motor skill development.
  • Social Development: Fostering social connections and nurturing interactions through parallel play.

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Mini Masterminds Schofields
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49 - 51 St Albans Rd
Schofields, NSW, 2762
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