Bright Beginnings Learning Centre - Bexley

8 Mimosa Street - Bexley NSW 2207


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Bright Beginnings Learning Centre - Bexley

8 Mimosa Street
Bexley, NSW 2207

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Contact name: Director - Amy / Michael
Best contact between 7:30am-6:00pm
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6 wks to 2 yrs S M T W T F S
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3 yrs to 5 yrs S M T W T F S
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    • Long Day Care
    • $117 /day
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Highly recommend Bright Beginnings Bexley. As first time parent, putting my toddler into a childcare was a very difficult and stressful process. Bright Beginnings Bexley was amazing, not only for my toddler but for me as well. They were amazing with making the separation transition for my toddler and me easier. The childrens educators are amazing, and you are kept informed with their progress and development every step of the way. The day to day activities very educative and fun for the kids. Just watching how much my toddler has progressed with his social skills and his development has been outstanding. Actions of my little man speaks for itself and I can tell that he loves going to Bright Beginnings Bexley..... THANK YOU Bright Beginnings!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is without any doubt and hesitation that we can absolutely recommend any families or caregivers to Bright Beginnings Learning Centre. We have been fortunate enough to have both our children enrolled in the centre, with Miss Amy, Miss Christina and the amazing team of girls behind them who have played an important role in the development and continually care that they provide for my children. My children are growing and are shown to be showing independence with in them, showing amazing intelligence, their need to want to learn about their environment and surroundings around them. These rooms have shown to do incredible investigate research projects with the children sometimes going on for a couple days to a couple of months depending on the children. This centre has provided a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for my children, welcoming us and taking their time to have meaningful and positive communication with myself and other parents. We like to notable thank the educators who open the centre every morning and who have stood out to us the most being Miss Marina in the Turtles room, Miss Fatima in the Chameleons room and Miss Michelle in the Dinosaur who are or studying qualified University Students. These educators always welcome us with the biggest smiles on their faces each morning. These three educators shown to have the biggest hearts and love towards our children. They are passionate, adoring and loving girls with amazing personalities. I’d also like to add that since the time Miss Fatima has been at the service she has been doing a fantastic and incredible job each and every single and needs to be commended on what she does; she is always their engaging my children and the other children introducing my children and other children to new and exciting things and happily gives us updates every single day which we absolutely love. She is always her goofy to which the children love and adore for. And is always there to talk, which I would highly recommend going and speaking to her as she is respectful, honest, provides daily updates about your child and how they have been improving in the centre in all development areas, their interests, likes and dislikes and what they enjoy doing the most and will definitely and undoubtedly make you laugh with her spontaneous personality. Overall I would highly recommend this service to any families, parents or caregivers.