Community Kids Mount Gambier Early Education Centre  

25 Wireless Road West - Mt Gambier SA 5290



About Community Kids Mount Gambier Early Education Centre

Welcome to Community Kids Mount Gambier Early Education Centre!

Community Kids Mount Gambier Early Education Centre offers a fun and safe environment for your children to learn and play.

The centre is open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm and provides nappies and nutritious meals for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. All meals are start right eat right accredited.

Our experienced and qualified educators provide specialised programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework for children aged six weeks to six years.

We offer unique baby rooms which allows children to thrive in a close knit, supportive environment. Children aged three to five years participate in a Government approved Kindergarten program taught by a bachelor qualified teacher; aimed at preparing children for school and beyond.

 Why you’ll love Community Kids Mt Gambier Early Education Centre

These are just some of the highlights included in your child’s early childhood education and care experience at our centre.

  • Spacious outdoor environments
  • Healthy, freshly made meals
  • Exceeding National Quality Standard
  • On-site parking
  • Community visits
  • Sustainability program
  • Kindergarten Program
  • All in one family app

Flexible Hours

Our centre is offering Flexible Hours to support families to make the most out of the government's Child Care Subsidy. Consisting of nine-hour, ten-hour, and full day options, the new Flexible Hours model will give families the freedom to choose which hours best suit their individual circumstances. Families will not be limited by start and finish times like other models from competitors, and there will be no associated fees or conditions around the minimum amount of flexible hours days they are able to access. 

National Quality Standard Rating: Exceeding National Quality Standard.

Long Day Care

Purple indicates that this service has a vacancy.

6 wks to 2 yrs S M T W T F S
2 yrs to 3 yrs S M T W T F S
3 yrs to 6 yrs S M T W T F S
6 wks to 2 yrs S M T W T F S
2 yrs to 3 yrs S M T W T F S
3 yrs to 6 yrs S M T W T F S
    • Long Day Care
    • $126 /day
    • for ages 2yrs
    • Long Day Care
    • $126 /day
    • for ages 2yrs to 3yrs
    • Long Day Care
    • $126 /day
    • for ages 3yrs to 5yrs

Use our Child Care Subsidy Calculator to learn how much government support your family may be eligible for.

 Estimate Your Childcare Subsidy

National Quality Standard Rating

Overall Rating - Exceeding National Quality Standard (More)
Quality Area Rating
Educational Program and Practice Meeting National Quality Standard
Children's Health and Safety Meeting National Quality Standard
Physical environment Exceeding National Quality Standard
Staffing Arrangements Exceeding National Quality Standard
Relationships with children Exceeding National Quality Standard
Collaborative partnerships with families and communities Exceeding National Quality Standard
Governance and leadership Exceeding National Quality Standard

NQS Rating last updated: 20-Oct-2021

Parent Ratings

We don't have any ratings just yet
  • Communication with Parents
  • Environment & Facilities
  • Food Preparation & Nutrition
  • Health & Safety
  • Learning & Developmental Programs
  • Management Staff & Supervision
  • Value for Money
  • Warmth & Empathy towards children

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Bk has gone to child care since she was 7 months. Our family loves this centre, communication has been great and the staff are very approachable. They all know the childrens names and even the parents. I highly recommend this centre to anyone wanting care for children of all ages. Hayley Williams
Both my daughter Maddie and my son Nicky always enjoy their stay at the centre. The teachers are really kind and friendly. My son has been in love with them for years now. I trust them 100% with my children. I know that they are safe, eat healthy (but nice) and will have a fine day. There is even room for special attention for the different ethnic backgrounds of the kids. They learn a lot! i remember Maddie coming home one day telling me all about space and the planets and she will always remember that! They also get a good preparation for reception. And did I mention the friendly staff? :). Maddie was even welcome when she was already in reception. Every school holiday she would spend the days I worked together with her brother in daycare, until she was six. There is a great outside space where they can play and ride their bikes. There is a vegetable patch in which the kids also work. And lets not forget Monty the chicken. Great centre irene VanDerHeyden