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Hello and welcome to Victor Harbor World of Learning.

Our wonderful centre is open from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm and provides quality long day care and education for children from birth to six years.

At Victor Harbor World of Learning we offer a wide variety of learning tools for the children that include programmed experiences, incursions, excursions, multicultural celebration days and more.

In addition to quality educational programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework, our Kindergarten Program is taught by a Bachelor Qualified Teacher.

Our centre also provides nappies and nutritious meals for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. Our veggie garden provides the occasional extra ingredients for the yummy meals prepared by our in-house cook.

We like to organise incursions and excursions where possible to keep the children stimulated. Musical Muscles join us at the centre once a month to help get our bodies moving and express ourselves through music.
Victor Harbor World of Learning

Meet the Centre Manager
What is your name?
Katie Pearson.

How long have you been working in childcare?
Since 2010.

What is your favourite part of working at the centre?
Building relationships with the children and the families and feeling like a part of their families.

What qualifications do you hold?
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
Studying towards the Diploma in Leadership and Business Management

What are you most passionate about?
I am passionate about educating the children and building them up to become lifelong learners that are inquisitive. I love that we get to see those early stages of the learning, and the moments were they connect their learning. There is a huge sense of pride when a parent comes in and shares a story about their child and what they have learnt, and know that you helped develop their understanding for it.

What are you most proud of at your centre?
I am proud of the educators we have at our centre. Many of us have been here for years, which I think displays to our families how dedicated we are to what we do. The educators always go above and beyond their job roles.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?
“Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.” – Rita. F. Pierson

What inspired you to become an educator?
My mum, she is an educator and is fantastic at what she does. I would listen to her talk about her work and I began to realise this is something I would enjoy doing, and to me that is the most important part – love what you do. She not only inspires me but encourages me too.

What values are most important to you in your team members?
I value that the educators at the centre have integrity, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm. I love that they come in each day and be involved.

What makes your team/centre special?
I think what makes our centre special is our dedication to our families. Many of our families see us as their extended families. Even if we are not at the centre, the educators take the time to greet families and speak with the children.

What message would you like to tell parents considering your centre?
We love meeting new families and having the opportunity to show case to you what we offer. We think it is important for you to come in and actively see the environments, and provide us the opportunity to answer all your questions. We look forward to meeting you and building our relationships with your family.

Please feel free to drop in and say hello and let us show you around.

Flexible Hours

Our centre is offering Flexible Hours to support families to make the most out of the government’s Child Care Subsidy. Consisting of nine-hour, ten-hour, and full day options, the new Flexible Hours model will give families the freedom to choose which hours best suit their individual circumstances. Families will not be limited by start and finish times like other models from competitors, and there will be no associated fees or conditions around the minimum amount of flexible hours days they are able to access. To learn more watch our Flexible Hours video by clicking the video button above.

National quality standard rating: Exceeding National Quality Standard.

  • Long Day Care (Child Care Centre)

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    • Long Day Care
    • $112.50 - $112.50 /day
    • for ages 6wks to 5yrs
    • Fee includes: Education & Developmental Programs, Meals Provided, Nappies.
    • Long Day Care
    • $553.40 /week
    • for ages 6wks to 5yrs

Use our Child Care Subsidy Calculator to learn how much government support your family may be eligible for.


National quality standard rating

Overall Rating - Exceeding National Quality Standard (MORE)
Quality Area Rating
Educational Program and Practice Exceeding National Quality Standard
Children's Health and Safety Meeting National Quality Standard
Physical environment Exceeding National Quality Standard
Staffing Arrangements Exceeding National Quality Standard
Relationships with children Exceeding National Quality Standard
Collaborative partnerships with families and communities Exceeding National Quality Standard
Governance and leadership Exceeding National Quality Standard

NQS Rating last updated: 25-Nov-2020

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  • Communication with Parents
  • Environment & Facilities
  • Food Preparation & Nutrition
  • Health & Safety
  • Learning & Developmental Programs
  • Management Staff & Supervision
  • Value for Money
  • Warmth & Empathy towards children

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I highly recommend World of Learning at Victor Harbour it is a very welcoming center & the children are nurtured and loved. It is clean with great communication between the centre and the parents. 5 stars +