8 awesome early childhood blogs that will make your life easier

Published on Tuesday, 04 July 2017
Last updated on Thursday, 22 October 2020

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The worldwide web is an amazing thing: ask any question in Google and chances are you’ll have your answer quick smart! As well as being a seemingly bottomless source of information the web is also a wonderful source of community, support and inspiration and as such is an enormously valuable resource for early childhood providers.

As we all know, the working life of an early childhood carer is infinitely rewarding, but simultaneously exhausting and challenging. Working with parents and children all day everyday requires patience, creativity and a complicated combination of social and communication skills.

Sometimes the prospect of another day at the coalface is overwhelming and at moments like these it's productive and restorative to turn to the web and to the global community of early childhood providers doing the important job of educating our world's youngest citizens. Connecting with other educators experiencing the same daily cycle of reward and challenge is restorative and inspirational in equal doses.

However, navigating the corridors of the web to find inspiration is time consuming and it's easy to become waylaid, so this week we present our curated list of outstanding early childhood blogs.

Please note that these are blogs written by individual educators and carers and are not the organisational blogs written by larger providers. Also, this list is a work in progress so if you know any other early childhood carers we should be following then please let us know!

Let The Children Play This rich and well-established blog is run by a highly experienced Australian early childhood educator and is a great source of ideas and insight.

Liam McNicholas Liam is an experienced early childhood teacher, writer and advocate and is a regular commentator on Australian and international early learning policy.

Inspired EC Tash and Nicole run this blog, which is full of great ideas to motivate and educate early childhood educators.

An Idea on Tuesday There's lots of amazing activity and craft ideas on this blog, which have been compiled by early childhood educator Niccola and can be modified for children of all ages and stages.

Little Lifelong Learners Casey runs this blog and says her "goal is to help passionate early years teachers gain back their valuable time by providing them with engaging, hands-on resources and activities for their little learners!" This blog includes loads of resources and amazing ideas and is updated regularly.

Kath Murdoch Kath is an educational consultant and although her blog isn't limited to the early childhood sector it offers some great advice for teachers working with young children.

Teacher Tom This wonderful blog will confirm all the reasons why you became an early childhood teacher and provide lots of inspiration and ideas.

Teach Preschool This is run by Deborah Stewart another American early childhood educator and has lots of great activity and craft ideas.

Remember to let us know of any blogs you love and we’ll add them to the list.

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