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Published on Tuesday, 23 June 2020
Last updated on Wednesday, 21 October 2020

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With the continuing professionalisation of the early childhood workforce and the focus on constant improvement, new resources for the early childhood sector are regularly being developed and made available to educators.

This week we showcase two new resources, which are free to access and offer educators an opportunity to brush up their skills and rethink old ways of doing things. 

Boosting Inclusion

The Deakin Child Study Centre (DCSC) at Deakin University has developed an online program for early childhood educators to create more inclusive education environments for children with developmental challenges and disabilities. The program includes practical online information, courses and resources, which are accessible to all educators and may count as CPD for Victorian educators.

The program called, AllPlay Learn, is based on the AllPlay model, a world first initiative that, according to the researchers, aims to create new pathways for inclusion for children with disabilities so they can play, learn, dance and connect with their community by providing evidence based research to support educators.

AllPlay Learn’s online resources were co-designed with experts and end-users (including families and educators) and they are easy to download and print for use across all early childhood settings.

Some of the disabilities and developmental challenges that are featured on the website include anxiety, autism, blind and low vision, cerebral palsy, communication and language disorders, Deaf, deaf and hard of hearing, developmental delay and physical disability.

While the resources are available to all, for those working in Victorian ECEC settings, free professional learning courses are available and these contribute up to six hours of the professional development time required to renew Victorian Institute of Teaching registration. 

For those outside Victoria, the website holds case studies, evidence-based strategies, and disability content included in the courses. After using these resources, the new knowledge can be used to support the learning of children by providing safe, positive and supportive educational environments. A key focus of AllPlay Learn is supporting successful transitions into and out of early childhood settings.

Provoking Minds Podcast

Large early childhood provider KU Children’s Services, has just launched a podcast for the early childhood sector dubbed ‘Provoking Minds’.

The podcast is aimed towards early childhood professionals and episodes will explore and discuss meaningful topics in early childhood education with some of the sector's most experienced educators and subject matter experts.

KU CEO Christine Legg said they partnered with industry experts with unique voices and perspectives to boost learning opportunities for the early childhood sector.

“Each short episode will provide an opportunity to pause, listen and reflect on practice, and our aim for the podcast is to provoke minds and inspire excellence in early childhood education.”

The first episode of the podcast features infant and toddler care expert Lynn Farrell, with the episode exploring infant-toddler relationships and wellbeing, and Lynn reflecting on her professional growth and learning, research and child rights. KU says future episodes will explore topics ranging from sustainability, behaviour and attachment, visual arts, literature and critical reflection.

Click here to listen to the podcast on the KU website or download it via the usual podcasting apps: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Spotify.   

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