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  Published on Tuesday, 07 August 2018

NEW - Child Care Connect

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  Published on Tuesday, 07 August 2018

A better way to fill vacancies for Premium and Basic Subscribers works hard to support the early childhood education and care sector by offering a range of innovative tools and services, which make it easier for providers to connect with parents looking for care.

To this end, we are delighted and very proud to announce the launch of Child Care Connect, a whole new approach to filing vacancies fast for our Basic and Premium Subscribers.

We developed Child Care Connect after requests for a more immediate and responsive system for managing vacancies.

Child Care Connect bridges the gap between early childhood services and parents looking for care by leveraging the powerful database to generate connections between services with current vacancies and parents whose requirements match those vacancies.

On a pay-per-use basis, services can then choose to follow a lead and contact the family. For providers that prefer not to pay, our Basic Service means families can still contact you by phone or email to request a tour or a spot on the waitlist.

So how does Child Care Connect work?

  1. Early childhood services opt-in to receive notifications from Child Care Connect and provide details about current vacancies they wish to fill.
  2. Parents visit and register their child care requirements.
  3. Child Care Connect matches vacancies with new child care requirements and generates an alert.
  4. Child Care Connect emails and/or texts these 'hot' leads to early childhood services within 24 hours.
  5. Early childhood services can then use Child Care Connect to reach out to these parents (on a pay-per-lead basis) to offer them a tour or a spot.

Child Care Connect offers early childhood services the opportunity to contact families looking for care right now. These pay-per-use leads have the potential to deliver a significant return on investment when considered over the duration of time a family stays with an early childhood provider.

In addition, filling vacancies via Child Care Connect saves you valuable time and energy and means no more chasing leads.

Visit the Child Care Connect home page.

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