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What are Child Care Centres?

When a parent mentions that they're looking for child care, most of us would guess that they're trying to find a child care centre. That's because child care centres are the most popular type of formal child care used in Australia.

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How do I choose a child care centre?

When considering your child care options it is very important to visit a number of services and spend some time getting to know the staff. First hand experience is the best way to judge whether a service ‘feels right’.

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The value of visiting child care services

One of the best ways to make your final decision about which child care service to use, is to compile a short list of your top two or three services and then visit them.

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Child Care Centre Checklist

We have compiled a useful checklist on the things parents should note when considering a centre for their child.

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Choosing a Child Care Service Tool Kit

Choosing a child care service for your child can be an emotionally charged experience. This Tool Kit has been compiled to give you all the information you need to make the best possible decision for your family.

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What’s the right fit for your family: Steiner, Montessori or Reggio Emilia?

What's the right fit for your family: Steiner, Montessori or Reggio Emilia?

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Interesting research around school readiness

A child's thinking and language skills, emotional maturity and physical health are all used to determine their preparedness for big school, but new research suggests that these individual capacities shouldn’t be the only focus.


The Palmerston area has 18 suburbs.

If this is not the area you are interested in, try broadening your Babysitters search to all of Darwin.